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Karl Malik

 Contact Info

Tel: +1 301 594 4757
Email: km89r@nih.gov

 Select Experience

Associate Director of Science Policy and Director, Office of Planning, Analysis, and Evaluation, CSR, NIH, 2001-2005

Postdoctoral Study, Laboratory of Molecular and Cellular Biology, NIMH, NIH, 1992-1995

Ph.D., Rutgers University, 1993

Karl F. Malik, Ph.D.

Deputy Director, Division of Extramural Activities

Current Responsibilities and Activities

I serve as deputy director of the Division of Extramural Activities (DEA).   My work supports NIH’s commitment to improving its extramural program operations.  My responsibilities include oversight of the peer review of extramural research applications that are reviewed in the NIDDK before funding, and the processing of awards for grants, cooperative agreements, and contracts.  The Division logs in, assigns, and internally distributes all applications received annually by the NIDDK.  I oversee the coordination and conduct of scientific and technical peer review of these applications, which includes submissions for research project grants, program project and center grants, research training and development grants, cooperative agreements, and research contracts.  Together with the DEA director, I lead DEA’s efforts to advise on the development, implementation, and coordination of extramural programs and policies within the NIDDK.  My duties also include overseeing the coordination of the Institute’s Committee Management Activities and meetings of the NIDDK Advisory Council.

I also serve as director of the Office of Research Evaluation and Operations.  As director of the office, I provide senior-level oversight of the NIDDK’s referral and disease coding/reporting functions and of the Institute’s program evaluation and analysis capacity.  In addition, I oversee the NIDDK’s Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) publication process.  Key functions the office supports include:

  • Categorical disease/organ system coding/reporting
  • Program analysis support and reporting
  • Application referral
  • NIDDK Advisory Council meetings
  • Publication of NIDDK FOAs in the NIH Guide


Committee Membership

NIH Technical Merit Review Committee, Member

NIH Inclusion Operating Procedures Workgroup, Member

NIDDK Web Oversight Committee, Member​