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Judah Lee Rosner

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Tel: 301-496-5466
Email: jlrosner@helix.nih.gov

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  • Ph.D.Yale University1967
  • M.A.Yale University1964
  • B.A.Columbia College1960

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    Judah L. Rosner, Ph.D.

    Senior Investigator, Molecular Genetics SectionLaboratory of Molecular Biology
    • Molecular Biology/Biochemistry

    Research in Plain Language

    We are studying the biological processes that lead to multiple antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli (E. coli), a common bacterium that sometimes causes serious food poisoning in humans.  Our researchers are interested in learning how more than 40 genes in E. coli bacteria are regulated by the activity of three specific proteins—MarA, SoxS, and Rob—and how these 40 genes affect antibiotic resistance.