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Tel: +1 602 200 5304
Email: thearlem@mail.nih.gov

 Training and Experience

M.D., Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons, 2000

Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Phoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch, Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research Section, NIDDK, NIH, 2007-2011

Endocrinology Fellow, Columbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital, 2004-2007

Resident, Columbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital, 2000-2003

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Specialties: Clinical Research, Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus

Research in Plain Language

Our group studies the part of a person’s body that controls how many calories their body uses during the day compared to how many calories that person eats.  We are trying to understand why some people may be able to remain thin even after days of overeating while other people may gain weight more easily.  We are also trying to understand if a person is more likely to gain weight if he or she eats carbohydrates, protein, or fat when he or she overeats.

We have a second study that focuses on weight loss and the medication exenatide.  We are studying the different ways this medication can contribute to weight loss and which people are more likely to lose weight while dieting.  For example, are people who use more calories during the day, or those who are less stressed, or those who have certain high levels of hormones in their body more likely to lose weight?