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Wei Yang

 Contact Info

Tel: +1 301 402 4645
Email: weiy@mail.nih.gov

 Training and Experience

Ph.D., Columbia University, 1991

M.A., Columbia University, 1985

B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1985

B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1983

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Specialties: Cancer Biology, Molecular Biology/Biochemistry, Chromosome Biology/Epigenetics, Structural Biology


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Lapkouski M, Tian L, Miller JT, Le Grice SF, Yang W. Complexes of HIV-1 RT, NNRTI and RNA/DNA hybrid reveal a structure compatible with RNA degradation. Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 2013 Feb; 20 (20; 2; 2013 Feb):230-6. [Full Text/Abstract]
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