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Health ChampoinYou can be a health champion, and the Weight-control Information Network (WIN) can help. In this outreach packet, we provide a variety of resources and strategies to help you educate people about how to control their weight through healthy eating and physical activity.
Packet Downloads:
2014 Outreach Packet (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Family, work, and other duties make moving more and eating better a challenge for all of us. But improving our health is worth the effort, and having someone to get us started can help! We all need a role model in our community or family to be a health champion and show us that healthy habits can be part of our daily routine.
Use the e-card, Facebook posts, flyer, and Twitter tweets on your social media and website pages, in your newsletters, and at your office, gym, or place of worship.
Thank you for your efforts to help WIN reduce overweight and obesity. By taking charge of your health and inspiring others to do the same, you are a health champion!