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Partner Spo​tlight

Dr. Danielle M. Gilliam is committed to keeping her community healthy. A doctor of pharmacy by training, Dr. Gilliam is also a certified diabetes educator. She incorporates her diabetes knowledge in her role as a health ministry leader at her church, Canaan Missionary Baptist Church in Mesa, Arizona.

Wh​at Is NDEP Promoting This Quarter?​

Did you know that minorities have a greater chance of developing type 2 diabetes? Find diabetes resources tailored for different ethnicities, including African Americans, Hispanic/Latinos, American Indian/Alaska Natives, and Asian American/Pacific Islanders.
How Do I Become an NDEP Partner?
Who can become an NDEP partner? You can make a difference in diabetes prevention and control by taking an active role in the National Diabetes Education Program. All organizations, associations, and groups that promote NDEP messages and materials are welcome to be NDEP partners. Partners are the key to NDEP's success and work with NDEP in a variety of ways to identify needs for collaboration and synergistic opportunities for win-win projects and initiatives.
Why become an NDEP partner?

NDEP partners can benefit from using NDEP's messages, campaigns, and materials. For example, NDEP partners can:

  • Expand their activities and have a greater impact by combining efforts and resources with NDEP and other organizations.
  • Adopt NDEP's messages and promote them within their organization and to the communities they serve.
  • Adapt and tailor messages for target audiences as appropriate.
  • Disseminate information and materials to media, community organizations, and target audiences.
  • Coordinate education activities and share resources with other partner organizations.
  • Use NDEP resources to modify the health care delivery system to improve quality and access.
  • Join one of NDEP's Stakeholder Groups. These groups provide partners with a way to share ideas and provide input and guidance to help NDEP continue to respond to the needs of diverse audiences affected by diabetes.

Partner Guidelines​

For organizations and companies that share common priorities and interests with NDEP, these guidelines have been established to provide direction for how NDEP partners can adopt and/or adapt NDEP materials and collaborate with NDEP around shared goals and objectives.

Community Outreach​

Bring Diabetes Information to Your Community​​​

  • The Road to Health Toolkit 
    Designed for African Americans and Hispanics/Latinos at risk for type 2 diabetes, this tool kit provides materials to start a community outreach program reinforcing the message that type 2 diabetes can be delayed or prevented.
  • National Diabetes Prevention Program​
    This CDC-led program is designed to bring communities evidence-based lifestyle change programs for preventing type 2 diabetes. It is based on the landmark Diabetes Prevention Program study led by the National Institutes of Health.

Diabetes ​Observances

  • National Diabetes Month
    November is National Diabetes Month. Take advantage of NDEP's campaign materials to help you spread the word about diabetes management and prevention in your community.
  • Diabetes Alert Day
    Observed the fourth Tuesday in March, the American Diabetes Association Alert Day is a one day "wake-up" call asking the American public to know their risk for developing type 2 diabetes by taking the diabetes risk test.

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