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​How do I order WIN's materials?

To order, print this form, write the number of copies you want next to the titles, fill out the address box at the bottom of this form, and then fax the form or send it via U.S. mail. The order limit is 100 copies per individual or group. Items marked "web only" are available on the website and can be downloaded when needed. They are not available in print. Please allow 4 to 7 weeks for delivery via U.S. Postal Service.
NIDDK publications are not copyrighted. You are encouraged to download the publications, make copies and distribute widely.

How reader-friendly are WIN's materials?

WIN aims to make all of its materials easy to read and use, but some materials include medical words and phrases. The reading level range for each group of materials can help you decide which groups may include items with complex language. For example, "Reading level = 8 to 10" means the items score between eighth grade and tenth grade in readability.

Fact Sheets

This content offers tips about weight control and related issues. (Reading level = 9 to 12)

Brochures and Tip Sheets

This content provides information and tips about the benefits of making healthy food and beverage choices and engaging in regular physical activity. (Reading level = 7 to 10)

Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better

This program offers five publications to help black women ages 18 and over move more and make healthy food and beverage choices. (Reading level = 7 to 12)

Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Across Your Lifespan

This four-part series offers guidance on consuming healthy foods and beverages and physical activity for different age groups. Also in Spanish (see "Publicaciones en español"). (Reading level = 8 to 10)
​Quantity ​Publication Title                                                 
​Web only ​Better Health and You (Tips for Adults)

​Fit for Two (Tips for Pregnancy)
​Web only ​Helping Your Child (Tips for Parents)

Young at Heart (Tips for Older Adults)​


Cómo Alimentarse y Mantenerse Activo Durante Toda La Vida (Healthy Eating & Physical Activity Across Your Lifespan)

This four-part series offers guidance on consuming healthy foods and beverages and physical activity for different age groups.


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​Web only WIN Notes Update


Choose one copy only of either the full or summary version.
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​Strategic Plan for NIH Obesity Research (full)
​Strategic Plan for NIH Obesity Research (summary)


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