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Diabetes Disease Organizations

Many organizations provide support to patients and medical professionals. View the full list of Diabetes Disease Organizations (PDF, 293 KB).

Prevent Diabetes Problems

Taking care of your diabetes every day will help your blood glucose, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels stay in your target ranges. Caring for your diabetes can also help prevent other health problems over the years. You can do a lot to prevent diabetes problems:

  • Follow your healthy eating plan every day.

Drawing of a woman and girl eating.

  • Be physically active every day.

Drawing of two women walking.

  • Take your medicines every day.

Drawing of a woman taking her medicine with a glass of water.

  • Check your blood glucose levels every day.

Drawing of an older man testing his blood glucose level with a blood glucose meter. He is seated at a table.  The meter is on a table in front of him.

Types of Diabetes Problems

Diabetes problems can damage parts of the body such as the

  • heart
  • blood vessels
  • eyes
  • kidneys
  • nerves

Heart and blood vessel disease can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Nerve damage can lead to a loss of feeling in the feet, which may lead to an amputation. You will want to take steps to prevent these diabetes problems.

Read more about preventing diabetes problems in the following publications at http://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/health-topics/Diabetes/Pages/default.aspx These publications are also available in Spanish and large-print versions:


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