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Kidney Transplant A Treatment for Kidney Failure

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Apr 8, 2013 | Download Audio

Dr. Rodgers talks to kidney expert, Dr. Larry Agodoa, about a kidney transplant as a treatment for kidney failure and about ongoing research to improve kidney transplants for African Americans.


Did you know that African Americans make up 32% of the patients with kidney failure?​

​Hi, I'm Dr. Griffin Rodgers, director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at NIH.

A kidney transplant is one treatment for kidney failure, and for some patients, a transplant is their best chance for a healthy life.

Although this is good news, Dr. Larry Agodoa, a kidney expert, who also directs our Office of Minority Health Research Coordination, explains:

DR. AGODOA: Patients who receive kidney transplants are likely to live longer than patients on dialysis. However, for African Americans, there's a greater chance that the transplanted kidney may fail. If the new kidney fails, the patient goes back on dialysis.

Why don't African American kidney transplants do as well as other races? Here at NIH, we're performing research to find answers.

DR. RODGERS: To learn more, follow us on Twitter @HealthyMoments. This is Dr. Griffin Rodgers with the NIH.

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