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What Is a Bone Marrow Stem Cell Transplant?

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Jul 14, 2014 | Download Audio

Dr. Rodgers talks about bone marrow stem cell transplantation as a treatment option for diseases like sickle cell anemia and blood cancers, such as leukemia and lymphoma.


You may have recently heard about bone marrow stem cells in the news – do you know what they are and what they do?
Hi, I'm Dr. Griffin Rodgers, director of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases at NIH.
Bone marrow stem cells do very important work. Healthy stem cells develop into

  • red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the body 
  • white blood cells that fight infections, and 
  • platelets that help blood to clot. 
Some diseases such as sickle cell disease and blood cancers, such as leukemia or lymphoma, prevent the body from making healthy stem cells. For some people with these conditions, a doctor may recommend a bone marrow stem cell transplant as a treatment option.
I’ll talk more about bone marrow transplants and how to become a donor on the next “Healthy Moments.”
In the meantime, to learn about bone marrow stem cell transplants, follow us on Twitter @HealthyMoments​. This is Dr. Griffin Rodgers with the NIH.


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