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DP3 Type 1 Diabetes Targeted Research Award

Biomarkers for Diabetes Complications - Non-Invasive Measures in the Eye (DP3)

This FOA will support research on the development of biomarkers for the complications of type 1 diabetes that will use minimally or non-invasive measures of blood vessels and nerves in the eye. A critical obstacle for preventing and treating diabetes complications is the paucity of both biomarkers that can detect changes in blood vessels and nerves before clinical signs develop and surrogate end-points that can measure early responses to an intervention. Given the accessibility of the blood vessels and nerves in the eye for visualization, this FOA invites applications for research using the eye to visualize the development of diabetes complications in the eye and other tissues, such as the kidney, brain, heart and peripheral nerves.

Full AnnouncementRFA-DK-13-027
Open Date3/7/2014
Letter of Intent Due Date
March 7, 2014
Application Due Date
April 7, 2014, by 5:00 PM local time of applicant organization.
NIDDK Program ContactTeresa L. Z. Jones, M.D.
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