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Laboratory of Endocrinology and Receptor Biology

Marvin C. Gershengorn, M.D., Chief


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Jin Q, Wang C, Kuang X, Feng X, Sartorelli V, Ying H, Ge K, Dent SY. Gcn5 and PCAF regulate PPARγ and Prdm16 expression to facilitate brown adipogenesis. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Ing NH, Forrest DW, Riggs PK, Loux S, Love CC, Brinsko SP, Varner DD, Welsh TH. Dexamethasone Acutely Down-regulates Genes Involved in Steroidogenesis in Stallion Testes. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Ge K, Xu B, Wu JJ, Wu M, Lu S, Xie T. The Use of Negative Pressure in Critical Necrotizing Fasciitis Treatment: A Case Presentation. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Katz LS, Geras-Raaka E, Gershengorn MC. Heritability of fat accumulation in white adipocytes. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Hiram-Bab S, Katz LS, Shapira H, Sandbank J, Gershengorn MC, Oron Y. Platelet-derived growth factor BB mimics serum-induced dispersal of pancreatic epithelial cell clusters.J Cell Physiol. ; 229 (229; 6) :743-51. [Full Text/Abstract]
Blackford JA Jr, Brimacombe KR, Dougherty EJ, Pradhan M, Shen M, Li Z, Auld DS, Chow CC, Austin CP, Simons SS Jr. Research Resource: Modulators of glucocorticoid receptor activity identified by a new high-throughput screening assay. :me20141069. [Full Text/Abstract]
Chen L, Xiao J, Su IC, Wu YW, Zhang B, Ge KY, Chang YC, Yang C, Ni CF. Establishing a Rabbit Spinal Tumor Model for Nonvascular Interventional Therapy through CT-Guided Percutaneous Puncture Inoculation. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Ing NH, Forrest DW, Love CC, Varner DD. Dense spermatozoa in stallion ejaculates contain lower concentrations of mRNAs encoding the sperm specific calcium channel 1, ornithine decarboxylase antizyme 3, aromatase, and estrogen receptor alpha than less dense spermatozoa. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Rothe K, Lin H, Lin KB, Leung A, Wang HM, Malekesmaeili M, Brinkman RR, Forrest DL, Gorski SM, Jiang X. Identification of the core autophagy protein ATG4B as a potential biomarker and therapeutic target in CML stem/progenitor cells. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Boutin A, Eliseeva E, Gershengorn MC, Neumann S. β-Arrestin-1 mediates thyrotropin-enhanced osteoblast differentiation. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Cheah CY, Burbury K, Apperley JF, Huguet F, Pitini V, Gardembas M, Ross DM, Forrest D, Genet P, Rousselot P, Patton N, Smith G, Dunbar CE, Ito S, Aguiar RC, Odenike O, Gimelfarb A, Cross NC, Seymour JF. Patients with myeloid malignancies bearing PDGFRB fusion genes achieve durable long term remissions with imatinib. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Zhu R, Lu X, Pradhan M, Armstrong SP, Storchan GB, Chow CC, Simons SS Jr. A kinase-independent activity of cdk9 modulates glucocorticoid receptor-mediated gene induction.Biochemistry. ; 53 (53; 11) :1753-67. [Full Text/Abstract]
Kumar A, Lualdi M, Loncarek J, Cho YW, Lee JE, Ge K, Kuehn MR. Loss of function of mouse Pax-Interacting Protein 1-associated glutamate rich protein 1a (Pagr1a) leads to reduced Bmp2 expression and defects in chorion and amnion development. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Liu DD, Ge K, Jin Y, Sun J, Wang SX, Yang MS, Zhang JC. Terbium promotes adhesion and osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells via activation of the Smad-dependent TGF-β/BMP signaling pathway. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Krieger CC, Gershengorn MC. A modified ELISA accurately measures secretion of high molecular weight hyaluronan (HA) by Graves' disease orbital cells.Endocrinology. ; 155 (155; 2) :627-34. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hou S, Ge K, Zheng X, Wei H, Sun R, Tian Z. CD226 Involves in Immune Synapse Formation and Triggers NK Cell Activation via Its First Extracellular Domain. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Hrycay E, Forrest D, Liu L, Wang R, Tai J, Deo A, Ling V, Bandiera S. Hepatic bile acid metabolism and expression of cytochrome P450 and related enzymes are altered in Bsep -/- mice. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Neumann S, Nir EA, Eliseeva E, Huang W, Marugan J, Xiao J, Dulcey AE, Gershengorn MC. A selective TSH receptor antagonist inhibits stimulation of thyroid function in female mice.Endocrinology. ; 155 (155; 1) :310-4. [Full Text/Abstract]
Lee JE, Wang C, Xu S, Cho YW, Wang L, Feng X, Baldridge A, Sartorelli V, Zhuang L, Peng W, Ge K. H3K4 mono- and di-methyltransferase MLL4 is required for enhancer activation during cell differentiation.Elife (Cambridge). 2013; 2 (0; 2; 2013) :e01503. [Full Text/Abstract]
Simons SS Jr, Edwards DP, Kumar R. Dynamic Structures of Nuclear Hormone Receptors: New Promises and Challenges.Mol Endocrinol. 2013 Nov 27 (2013 Nov 27) . [Full Text/Abstract]
Luo M, Lu X, Zhu R, Zhang Z, Chow CC, Li R, Simons SS Jr. A Conserved Protein Motif Is Required for Full Modulatory Activity of Negative Elongation Factor Subunits NELF-A and NELF-B in Modifying Glucocorticoid Receptor-regulated Gene Induction Properties.J Biol Chem. 2013 Nov 22; 288 (288; 2013 Nov 22; 47) :34055-72. [Full Text/Abstract]
Simons SS Jr, Kumar R. Variable steroid receptor responses: Intrinsically disordered AF1 is the key.Mol Cell Endocrinol. 2013 Aug 25; 376 (376; 2013 Aug 25; 1-2) :81-4. [Full Text/Abstract]
Liu H, Kim SY, Fu Y, Wu X, Ng L, Swaroop A, Forrest D. An isoform of retinoid-related orphan receptor β directs differentiation of retinal amacrine and horizontal interneurons.Nat Commun. 2013; 4 (4; 2013) :1813. [Full Text/Abstract]
Lee GS, He Y, Dougherty EJ, Jimenez-Movilla M, Avella M, Grullon S, Sharlin DS, Guo C, Blackford JA Jr, Awasthi S, Zhang Z, Armstrong SP, London EC, Chen W, Dean J, Simons SS Jr. Disruption of Ttll5/stamp gene (tubulin tyrosine ligase-like protein 5/SRC-1 and TIF2-associated modulatory protein gene) in male mice causes sperm malformation and infertility.J Biol Chem. 2013 May 24; 288 (2013 May 24; 288; 21) :15167-80. [Full Text/Abstract]
Ng L, Kelley MW, Forrest D. Making sense with thyroid hormone--the role of T(3) in auditory development.Nat Rev Endocrinol. 2013 May; 9 (2013 May; 9; 5) :296-307. [Full Text/Abstract]
Wang L, Xu S, Lee JE, Baldridge A, Grullon S, Peng W, Ge K. Histone H3K9 methyltransferase G9a represses PPARγ expression and adipogenesis.EMBO J. 2013 Jan 9; 32 (32; 2013 Jan 9; 1) :45-59. [Full Text/Abstract]
Zhang Z, Sun Y, Cho YW, Chow CC, Simons SS Jr. PA1 protein, a new competitive decelerator acting at more than one step to impede glucocorticoid receptor-mediated transactivation.J Biol Chem. 2013 Jan 4; 288 (2013 Jan 4; 288; 1) :42-58. [Full Text/Abstract]
Peeters RP, Hernandez A, Ng L, Ma M, Sharlin DS, Pandey M, Simonds WF, St Germain DL, Forrest D. Cerebellar abnormalities in mice lacking type 3 deiodinase and partial reversal of phenotype by deletion of thyroid hormone receptor α1.Endocrinology. 2013 Jan; 154 (1; 2013 Jan; 154) :550-61. [Full Text/Abstract]
Khan SH, Awasthi S, Guo C, Goswami D, Ling J, Griffin PR, Simons SS Jr, Kumar R. Binding of the N-terminal region of coactivator TIF2 to the intrinsically disordered AF1 domain of the glucocorticoid receptor is accompanied by conformational reorganizations.J Biol Chem. 2012 Dec 28; 287 (2012 Dec 28; 287; 53) :44546-60. [Full Text/Abstract]
Blackford JA Jr, Guo C, Zhu R, Dougherty EJ, Chow CC, Simons SS Jr. Identification of location and kinetically defined mechanism of cofactors and reporter genes in the cascade of steroid-regulated transactivation.J Biol Chem. 2012 Nov 30; 287 (2012 Nov 30; 49; 287) :40982-95. [Full Text/Abstract]