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Lothar Hennighausen, Ph.D., Chief


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Bae WK, Yoo KH, Lee JS, Kim Y, Chung IJ, Park MH, Yoon JH, Furth PA, Hennighausen L. The methyltransferase EZH2 is not required for mammary cancer development, although high EZH2 and low H3K27me3 correlate with poor prognosis of ER-positive breast cancers. . [Full Text/Abstract]
Northcott PA, Lee C, Zichner T, Stütz AM, Erkek S, Kawauchi D, Shih DJ, Hovestadt V, Zapatka M, Sturm D, Jones DT, Kool M, Remke M, Cavalli FM, Zuyderduyn S, Bader GD, VandenBerg S, Esparza LA, Ryzhova M, Wang W, Wittmann A, Stark S, Sieber L, Seker-Cin H, Linke L, Kratochwil F, Jäger N, Buchhalter I, Imbusch CD, Zipprich G, Raeder B, Schmidt S, Diessl N, Wolf S, Wiemann S, Brors B, Lawerenz C, Eils J, Warnatz HJ, Risch T, Yaspo ML, Weber UD, Bartholomae CC, von Kalle C, Turányi E, Hauser P, Sanden E, Darabi A, Siesjö P, Sterba J, Zitterbart K, Sumerauer D, van Sluis P, Versteeg R, Volckmann R, Koster J, Schuhmann MU, Ebinger M, Grimes HL, Robinson GW, Gajjar A, Mynarek M, von Hoff K, Rutkowski S, Pietsch T, Scheurlen W, Felsberg J, Reifenberger G, Kulozik AE, von Deimling A, Witt O, Eils R, Gilbertson RJ, Korshunov A, Taylor MD, Lichter P, Korbel JO, Wechsler-Reya RJ, Pfister SM. Enhancer hijacking activates GFI1 family oncogenes in medulloblastoma.Nature. ; 511 (511; 7510) :428-34. [Full Text/Abstract]
Morfouace M, Shelat A, Jacus M, Freeman BB 3rd, Turner D, Robinson S, Zindy F, Wang YD, Finkelstein D, Ayrault O, Bihannic L, Puget S, Li XN, Olson JM, Robinson GW, Guy RK, Stewart CF, Gajjar A, Roussel MF. Pemetrexed and gemcitabine as combination therapy for the treatment of group3 medulloblastoma.Cancer Cell. ; 25 (25; 4) :516-29. [Full Text/Abstract]
Robinson GW, Orr BA, Gajjar A. Complete clinical regression of a BRAF V600E-mutant pediatric glioblastoma multiforme after BRAF inhibitor therapy.BMC Cancer. ; 14 (14; 1) :258. [Full Text/Abstract]
Robinson GW, Kang K, Yoo KH, Tang Y, Zhu BM, Yamaji D, Colditz V, Jang SJ, Gronostajski RM, Hennighausen L. Co-regulation of genetic programs by the transcription factors NFIB and STAT5. :me20121387. [Full Text/Abstract]
Kang K, Yamaji D, Yoo KH, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. Mammary-specific gene activation is defined by progressive recruitment of STAT5 during pregnancy and the establishment of H3K4me3 marks.Mol Cell Biol. ; 34 (3; 34) :464-73. [Full Text/Abstract]
Gottardo NG, Hansford JR, McGlade JP, Alvaro F, Ashley DM, Bailey S, Baker DL, Bourdeaut F, Cho YJ, Clay M, Clifford SC, Cohn RJ, Cole CH, Dallas PB, Downie P, Doz F, Ellison DW, Endersby R, Fisher PG, Hassall T, Heath JA, Hii HL, Jones DT, Junckerstorff R, Kellie S, Kool M, Kotecha RS, Lichter P, Laughton SJ, Lee S, McCowage G, Northcott PA, Olson JM, Packer RJ, Pfister SM, Pietsch T, Pizer B, Pomeroy SL, Remke M, Robinson GW, Rutkowski S, Schoep T, Shelat AA, Stewart CF, Sullivan M, Taylor MD, Wainwright B, Walwyn T, Weiss WA, Williamson D, Gajjar A. Medulloblastoma Down Under 2013: a report from the third annual meeting of the International Medulloblastoma Working Group.Acta Neuropathol. ; 127 (127; 2) :189-201. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hirose J, Masuda H, Tokuyama N, Omata Y, Matsumoto T, Yasui T, Kadono Y, Hennighausen L, Tanaka S. Bone resorption is regulated by cell-autonomous negative feedback loop of Stat5-Dusp axis in the osteoclast.J Exp Med. ; 211 (211; 1) :153-63. [Full Text/Abstract]
Feuermann Y, Kang K, Gavrilova O, Haetscher N, Jang SJ, Yoo KH, Jiang C, Gonzalez FJ, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. MiR-193b and miR-365-1 are not required for the development and function of brown fat in the mouse.RNA Biol. ; 10 (12; 10) :1807-14. [Full Text/Abstract]
Yamaji D, Kang K, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. Sequential activation of genetic programs in mouse mammary epithelium during pregnancy depends on STAT5A/B concentration.Nucleic Acids Res. 2013 Feb 1; 41 (2013 Feb 1; 41; 3) :1622-36. [Full Text/Abstract]
Kang K, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. Comprehensive meta-analysis of Signal Transducers and Activators of Transcription (STAT) genomic binding patterns discerns cell-specific cis-regulatory modules.BMC Genomics. 2013 Jan 16; 14 (14; 2013 Jan 16) :4. [Full Text/Abstract]
Yu JH, Zhu BM, Riedlinger G, Kang K, Hennighausen L. The liver-specific tumor suppressor STAT5 controls expression of the reactive oxygen species-generating enzyme NOX4 and the proapoptotic proteins PUMA and BIM in mice.Hepatology. 2012 Dec; 56 (2012 Dec; 56; 6) :2375-86. [Full Text/Abstract]
Zhu BM, Kang K, Yu JH, Chen W, Smith HE, Lee D, Sun HW, Wei L, Hennighausen L. Genome-wide analyses reveal the extent of opportunistic STAT5 binding that does not yield transcriptional activation of neighboring genes.Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 May; 40 (40; 2012 May; 10) :4461-72. [Full Text/Abstract]
Klover PJ, Muller WJ, Robinson GW, Pfeiffer RM, Yamaji D, Hennighausen L. Loss of STAT1 from mouse mammary epithelium results in an increased Neu-induced tumor burden.Neoplasia. 2010 Nov; 12 (2010 Nov; 12; 11) :899-905. [Full Text/Abstract]
Yu JH, Zhu BM, Wickre M, Riedlinger G, Chen W, Hosui A, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. The transcription factors signal transducer and activator of transcription 5A (STAT5A) and STAT5B negatively regulate cell proliferation through the activation of cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor 2b (Cdkn2b) and Cdkn1a expression.Hepatology. 2010 Nov; 52 (2010 Nov; 5; 52) :1808-18. [Full Text/Abstract]
Kimura A, Martin C, Robinson GW, Simone JM, Chen W, Wickre MC, O'Shea JJ, Hennighausen L. The gene encoding the hematopoietic stem cell regulator CCN3/NOV is under direct cytokine control through the transcription factors STAT5A/B.J Biol Chem. 2010 Oct 22; 285 (2010 Oct 22; 43; 285) :32704-9. [Full Text/Abstract]
Yamaji D, Na R, Feuermann Y, Pechhold S, Chen W, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. Development of mammary luminal progenitor cells is controlled by the transcription factor STAT5A.Genes Dev. 2009 Oct 15; 23 (2009 Oct 15; 20; 23) :2382-7. [Full Text/Abstract]
Zhu BM, McLaughlin SK, Na R, Liu J, Cui Y, Martin C, Kimura A, Robinson GW, Andrews NC, Hennighausen L. Hematopoietic-specific Stat5-null mice display microcytic hypochromic anemia associated with reduced transferrin receptor gene expression.Blood. 2008 Sep 1; 112 (5; 112; 2008 Sep 1) :2071-80. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hennighausen L, Robinson GW. Interpretation of cytokine signaling through the transcription factors STAT5A and STAT5B.Genes Dev. 2008 Mar 15; 22 (6; 2008 Mar 15; 22) :711-21. [Full Text/Abstract]
Robinson GW. Cooperation of signalling pathways in embryonic mammary gland development.Nat Rev Genet. 2007 Dec; 8 (8; 2007 Dec; 12) :963-72. [Full Text/Abstract]
Cui Y, Hosui A, Sun R, Shen K, Gavrilova O, Chen W, Cam MC, Gao B, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. Loss of signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 leads to hepatosteatosis and impaired liver regeneration.Hepatology. 2007 Aug; 46 (46; 2007 Aug; 2) :504-13. [Full Text/Abstract]
Buono KD, Robinson GW, Martin C, Shi S, Stanley P, Tanigaki K, Honjo T, Hennighausen L. The canonical Notch/RBP-J signaling pathway controls the balance of cell lineages in mammary epithelium during pregnancy.Dev Biol. 2006 May 15; 293 (2; 293; 2006 May 15) :565-80. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hennighausen L, Robinson GW. Information networks in the mammary gland.Nat Rev Mol Cell Biol. 2005 Sep; 6 (6; 9; 2005 Sep) :715-25. [Full Text/Abstract]
Cui Y, Riedlinger G, Miyoshi K, Tang W, Li C, Deng CX, Robinson GW, Hennighausen L. Inactivation of Stat5 in mouse mammary epithelium during pregnancy reveals distinct functions in cell proliferation, survival, and differentiation.Mol Cell Biol. 2004 Sep; 24 (24; 18; 2004 Sep) :8037-47. [Full Text/Abstract]
Miyoshi K, Meyer B, Gruss P, Cui Y, Renou JP, Morgan FV, Smith GH, Reichenstein M, Shani M, Hennighausen L, Robinson GW. Mammary epithelial cells are not able to undergo pregnancy-dependent differentiation in the absence of the helix-loop-helix inhibitor Id2.Mol Endocrinol. 2002 Dec; 16 (16; 12; 2002 Dec) :2892-901. [Full Text/Abstract]