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NMRI Mentor/Mentee Program

The Network of Minority Health Research Investigators (NMRI) encourages members to share their expertise and knowledge through the mentoring program. This gives young investigators the opportunity to work closely with senior investigators in research areas of interest to both the mentor and mentee.

NMRI depends on mentoring to bring young investigators into research. The NMRI Oversight Committee has established mentoring as integral to the success of the NMRI. Of the seven NMRI Oversight Committee goals, the following are the highest priority:

Goal 1: Set-up a formalized mentoring program for member career development. 

Goal 2: Identify specific learning activities related to how to be an effective mentor.

These goals are met annually by continuing to support the mentoring program, and by conducting presentations at annual and regional workshops on how to be a mentor or mentee.

In addition, efforts are made at workshops to match those wishing to be a mentor with those wishing to secure a mentor.

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