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Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers

The Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers program provides a mechanism for funding shared resources (i.e., core facilities).  Through these Centers, the NIDDK aims to integrate, coordinate, and foster interdisciplinary cooperation between groups of established investigators that conduct high-quality research on digestive diseases.  An existing base of outstanding digestive disease-related research is a prerequisite for the establishment of a Center.  Research in these Centers focuses on:  liver diseases; gastrointestinal motility, absorption and secretion processes; inflammatory bowel disease; structure/function relationships in the gastrointestinal tract; neuropeptides and gut hormones; and gastrointestinal membrane receptors.


 NIDDK Staff

Judith Podskalny, Ph.D.Digestive Diseases Research Centers; Digestive Diseases and Nutrition Career Development and Fellowships; Loan Repayment Program

Funding Mechanisms

NIDDK funds Digestive Diseases Centers under the P30 funding mechanism


Centers Sites

There are currently 17 Digestive Diseases Research Core Centers funded by NIDDK.


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3/7/2014Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Individual Predoctoral Fellowship (Parent F31) (Summary) PA-14-147
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 Research Resources

Resource NameDescription
NIDDK Information Network

The NIDDK Information Network (dkNET), serves the needs of basic and clinical investigators by providing seamless access to large pools of data relevant to the mission of NIDDK. The goal of … (Summary)

Smad4 LoxP Mouse

Smad4 conditional KO.  Inactivation of LoxP-flanked Smad 4 makes it possible to explore the role of Smad 4 in embryonic development of different tissues and in tumorigenesis.


Members … (Summary)

Smad4 KO (Smad4 tm1Cxd) Mouse

Smad4 knockout: Smad 4 is essential for epiblast proliferation and mesoderm induction in early embryogenesis.


The TGF-β-related superfamily plays an important role in multiple … (Summary)

Smad3 KO (Smad3 tm1Cxd) Mouse

Smad 3 knockout: Increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections and massive abscesses result from impaired TGF-β-mediated regulation of T cell activation and mucosal immunity.


Smad3 … (Summary)

Sirt6 LoxP (Sirt6 tm1.1Cxd) Mouse

Generation of floxed Sirtuin 6 for the construction of conditional knockout mice


The Sirtuins (Sirt1-7), a family of seven proteins related to yeast Sir2, are histone deacetylases … (Summary)

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 NIDDK Active Trials in Digestive Disease

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