Centers for Diabetes Translation Research

September 2019 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Pamela L. Thornton, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

The Centers for Diabetes Translation Research (CDTR) program was established in 2011 to expand and more broadly advance beside to practice research in diabetes. CDTRs provide an array of national research resources to advance the field of diabetes translation, address diabetes-related disparities, and develop the scientific workforce. The current funding period is the first program renewal with eight CDTRs and documented evidence of progress. The goal of CDTRs ( is to improve prevention/treatment of diabetes by promoting research that supports rapid dissemination, implementation, and sustained use of effective interventions/approaches, particularly in high risk populations. CDTRs improve the efficiency and collaborative nature of type II translational research in diabetes by providing shared access to specialized technical resources and expertise and a framework for fostering synergy between disciplines relevant to translating evidence-based approaches to real-world adoption and practice. CDTRs are part of an integrated program of research support designed to enhance multidisciplinary cutting-edge research in diabetes. Focus areas enhance the NIDDK translational research and health equity program such as those supported by existing FOAs. The objective of this renewal is to expand the CDTR program with new features and ensure uninterrupted funding from the current funding period ending 7/31/2021.