Exploratory and Developmental HIV/AIDS Research within the NIDDK’s Mission

May 2020 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Peter Perrin, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

This initiative encourages innovative basic, translational, or clinical research on NIH HIV/AIDS priority research within the mission of the NIDDK by facilitating exploratory and developmental research that might form the basis of a larger, more encompassing research project. A number of important comorbidities, coinfections, and complications that affect People with HIV align within the scope of the NIDDK’s research mission. Examples include metabolic obesity, diabetes and metabolic and endocrine complications; kidney, urologic and hematologic diseases; and enteropathy and its impact on the digestive system and other organs and tissues; noncommunicable liver disease, and viral hepatitis. Other areas where NIH HIV/AIDS research priorities might intersect with the NIDDK's mission include HIV cure research; HIV-related immune dysfunction; and other fundamental issues related to HIV prevention and treatment strategies.