KUH Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Award (F99/K00)

May 2024 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Shilpa Hattangadi, M.D.; Christine Maric-Bilkan, Ph.D.; Tracy Rankin, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

The purpose of the Kidney, Urology or Hematology (KUH) Predoctoral to Postdoctoral Fellow Transition Awards (F99/K00) is to recruit exceptional graduate students from diverse research disciplines and backgrounds to pursue postdoctoral training focused on Kidney, Urology or Hematology research. Talented graduate students from disciplines including, but not limited to, engineering, statistics, data science, imaging, biochemistry and genetics are invited to apply to this opportunity. This program is committed to promoting and supporting diversity (both scientific and demographic) through training the next generation of K, U and H researchers.