Program for Implementation Science and Health Equity Scholars (PrISHES)

May 2024 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Pamela Thornton, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

The Program for Implementation Science and Health Equity Scholars (PrISHES) will train a cadre of investigators with advanced research skills in dissemination and implementation science (IS hereafter) and health equity (HE) in NIDDK-related disease prevention and management. Speedy translation of efficacious and expensive medical research into practice is essential to improve the health of all people. However, lags in getting research into practice persists (roughly 17 years); and only 1 in 5 evidence-based interventions make it into routine clinical practice. As cited in NIDDK’s strategic priorities, workforce development and growing the field of IS are key strategies to close the gap between research and practice. However, NIDDK investments in IS have thus far been mostly limited to diabetes programs. Yet, promising interventions for many NIDDK diseases and conditions are ripe for testing appropriate adaptation and evaluation methods to increase their potential benefit in diverse patient populations and various community and health care settings. PrISHES leverages lessons from NIDDK and NIH investments to provide intensive short courses in relevant methodologies followed by mentorship activities with cohorts of multidisciplinary scholars. Anticipated outcomes include a cadre of investigators with advanced IS HE research competencies, leading to publications, grants, and overall retention in fields that can advance NIDDK disease prevention and management for all.