Program to Advance the Careers of Scientists from Underrepresented Groups Conducting Nutrition, Obesity, and Diabetes Research

September 2020 Council

Lead Division/Office


Point(s) of Contact

Mary Evans, Ph.D.; Pamela Thornton, Ph.D.; Jim F. Hyde, Ph.D.; Corinne M. Silva, Ph.D.

Executive Summary

Research has shown that diverse teams working together and capitalizing on innovative ideas and distinct perspectives outperform homogenous teams. Across NIH, efforts to diversify the research workforce have taken many forms, but scientists from under-represented minority groups (URGs) remain less successful in securing independent research funding from NIH. Many scientists from URGs also face hurdles owing to an interest in basic and social sciences, clinical, and translational research for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases (including diabetes, obesity, and related complications), which are research fields that suffer from lower success rates in general. This initiative would provide career development programs, skill-building opportunities, access to research resources, and mentoring activities designed to advance the careers of early career scientists from URGs conducting research within the mission of NIDDK. The program will be administered through NIDDK-funded Research Centers that have a specific research focus on nutrition, obesity, diabetes, and related conditions.