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NIDDK Director's Update

NIDDK Director's Update Fall 2014

Director's Note

At the core of NIDDK’s mission, we seek to improve people’s health and quality of life through medical research. From basic science to clinical trials, the work we conduct and fund is key to that vision. But it is not the only way NIDDK advances science to help people.

We also seek to translate, in a variety of ways, both basic and clinical discoveries into resources that can directly improve public health. As you can read about in this issue, through our Technology Advancement Office, we assist our intramural researchers in bringing potentially life-saving medical products to the people who need them by patenting inventions and partnering with industry in ways that enable the public to reap the benefits.  This office also helps our extramural endeavors to partner with industry, often to enable clinical trials.  More »​​​​​

Commendations and Commencements

Buchanan, Clore, Jacobson, Nelson, Periwal, Pollak, Rehermann, Rotman, Shakoury-Elizeh
Abbott, Appel, Perrin, Stoeckel, Unalp-Arida
Coleman, Hanson, Lipsett

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