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Summer 2012 Update

NIH Inspires Future ScientistsDirector's Note 

Sometimes government can seem so big that it’s easy to forget the individuals that make government work. At NIDDK, staff gives of themselves in ways large and small, every day.

Three NIDDK investigators recently celebrated 50 years – each – of working in the institute. They stay because they love what they do, researching cell biology to understand diseases and ultimately improve therapies for them. Read more about these pioneers of the molecular biology field in the News Around NIDDK section below. More »​​​​​

Commendations and Commencements



June 6-7
Metformin Pharmacogenomics  
The Mayflower Renaissance Hotel  
Washington, D.C. 

June 8
Bile Acid-Mediated Integration of Metabolism  
and Liver Disease: A Research Workshop
Lister Hill Auditorium  
NIH Building 38A
Bethesda campus

For a list of meetings visit our Calendar of Events.


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