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Winter 2012 Update

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When he received the prestigious Lasker Award a few weeks ago, liver transplantation pioneer Dr. Thomas Starzl said that the honor was for work shared by many, including his courageous patients. He thanked the research and clinical staff he worked with, and he said “the team is what counts.” 

Working with the extraordinary staff, researchers, and grantees of NIDDK, I am continually reminded of the truth of that statement. More »​​​​​

Commendations and Commencements



April 15-16, 2013  
Imaging the Pancreatic Beta Cell
Natcher Conference Center  
NIH Building 45  
Bethesda campus 

April 24-25, 2013  
Basic Behavioral Science Research in Obesity  
NIH Building 31  
Bethesda campus

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