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NIDDK Director's Update

NIDDK Director's Update Winter 2014

Director's Note

Photo of Dr. Rodgers at mikeAt NIDDK, we view the members of the public as our partners. We couldn’t carry out NIDDK’s important research without your support.  And so, one of NIDDK’s key values is to clearly communicate our research findings. 

NIDDK’s Healthy Moments radio show is one major way NIDDK reaches out to people about health advances stemming from scientific research. Last year, about 30 million listeners heard health tips that we know have the potential to benefit their lives, from how to avoid weight gain over the holidays to preventing type 2 diabetes. You can read about Healthy Moments later in this issue. More »​​​​​

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The next edition of the NIDDK Director’s Update will be online in March. 

Submission information: The NIDDK Director’s Update is published in March, May, September and December. To submit an item for the next edition or send suggestions, please contact co-editors Amy F. Reiter and Krysten Carrera at DirectorsUpdate@niddk.nih.gov​. Items must be submitted six weeks before the month of publication to be considered for the next issue.

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