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Najma Begum, Ph.D.

Scientific Review Officer: Grants Review Branch
Special Emphasis Panels Section

Responsibilities & Activities

My current responsibilities in the NIDDK Review Branch include the review of applications within diabetes, endocrinology, metabolism, digestive diseases, nutrition and kidney disease areas. Specifically, I am responsible for organizing and conducting the review of applications for NIDDK Central Repositories Non-renewable Sample Access (R01, X01), Diabetes Research Center grants (P30s), some of the Human Islet Research Network (HIRN) Consortia Cooperative Agreements (U01s), ancillary R01s, RC2 Team Science Research programs, Small Business Innovation Research applications (SBIR), NIDDK Catalyst Awards (DP1), and Contract proposals that are received in response to RFPs. My duties include the planning, organizing, and managing of peer-review meetings to assess the scientific merit of grant applications, and the development and delivery of summary statements.

My research interests include elucidation of signaling pathways in adipose tissue, liver, vascular and endothelial cells isolated from diabetic, atherosclerotic and hypertensive animal models and human subjects, and the role of protein kinases and protein phosphatases in cell cycle regulation, inflammation, and activation of tissue injury pathways which contribute to a large majority of complications observed in diabetes. A better understanding of the cellular processes involved in tissue injury/repair may improve methods of prevention and treatment of complications associated with diabetes.

I also regularly participate in applicant training workshops, present on the role of the scientific review officer in the peer review process and contribute to mock study sections.

Committees & Working Groups

  • Inclusions Operation Procedures Working Group (IOPW), RPC Liaison