Peggy Hsieh, Ph.D.
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Scientific Focus Areas: Cancer Biology, Chromosome Biology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


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Dynamic human MutSα-MutLα complexes compact mismatched DNA.
Bradford KC, Wilkins H, Hao P, Li ZM, Wang B, Burke D, Wu D, Smith AE, Spaller L, Du C, Gauer JW, Chan E, Hsieh P, Weninger KR, Erie DA.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2020 Jul 14) 117:16302-16312. Abstract/Full Text
In vitro studies of DNA mismatch repair proteins.
Geng H, Du C, Chen S, Salerno V, Manfredi C, Hsieh P.
Anal Biochem (2011 Jun 15) 413:179-84. Abstract/Full Text
Somatic deletions of genes regulating MSH2 protein stability cause DNA mismatch repair deficiency and drug resistance in human leukemia cells.
Diouf B, Cheng Q, Krynetskaia NF, Yang W, Cheok M, Pei D, Fan Y, Cheng C, Krynetskiy EY, Geng H, Chen S, Thierfelder WE, Mullighan CG, Downing JR, Hsieh P, Pui CH, Relling MV, Evans WE.
Nat Med (2011 Sep 25) 17:1298-303. Abstract/Full Text
The mismatch repair-mediated cell cycle checkpoint response to fluorodeoxyuridine.
Liu A, Yoshioka K, Salerno V, Hsieh P.
J Cell Biochem (2008 Sep 1) 105:245-54. Abstract/Full Text

Additional Publications

The Devil is in the details for DNA mismatch repair.
Hsieh P, Zhang Y.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2017 Apr 4) 114:3552-3554. Abstract/Full Text
DNA mismatch repair and the DNA damage response.
Li Z, Pearlman AH, Hsieh P.
DNA Repair (Amst) (2016 Feb) 38:94-101. Abstract/Full Text
EGFR inhibits DNA mismatch repair.
Hsieh P, Pearlman AH.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2015 May 5) 112:5556-7. Abstract/Full Text
DNA mismatch repair: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?
Hsieh P.
Mol Cell (2012 Sep 14) 47:665-6. Abstract/Full Text
Mechanism of MutS searching for DNA mismatches and signaling repair.
Tessmer I, Yang Y, Zhai J, Du C, Hsieh P, Hingorani MM, Erie DA.
J Biol Chem (2008 Dec 26) 283:36646-54. Abstract/Full Text
ATR kinase activation mediated by MutSalpha and MutLalpha in response to cytotoxic O6-methylguanine adducts.
Yoshioka K, Yoshioka Y, Hsieh P.
Mol Cell (2006 May 19) 22:501-10. Abstract/Full Text
Determination of protein-DNA binding constants and specificities from statistical analyses of single molecules: MutS-DNA interactions.
Yang Y, Sass LE, Du C, Hsieh P, Erie DA.
Nucleic Acids Res (2005) 33:4322-34. Abstract/Full Text
Formation of a DNA mismatch repair complex mediated by ATP.
Selmane T, Schofield MJ, Nayak S, Du C, Hsieh P.
J Mol Biol (2003 Dec 12) 334:949-65. Abstract/Full Text
Crystal structure and biochemical analysis of the MutS.ADP.beryllium fluoride complex suggests a conserved mechanism for ATP interactions in mismatch repair.
Alani E, Lee JY, Schofield MJ, Kijas AW, Hsieh P, Yang W.
J Biol Chem (2003 May 2) 278:16088-94. Abstract/Full Text
DNA mismatch repair: molecular mechanisms and biological function.
Schofield MJ, Hsieh P.
Annu Rev Microbiol (2003) 57:579-608. Abstract/Full Text
The Phe-X-Glu DNA binding motif of MutS. The role of hydrogen bonding in mismatch recognition.
Schofield MJ, Brownewell FE, Nayak S, Du C, Kool ET, Hsieh P.
J Biol Chem (2001 Dec 7) 276:45505-8. Abstract/Full Text
Interaction of Escherichia coli MutS and MutL at a DNA mismatch.
Schofield MJ, Nayak S, Scott TH, Du C, Hsieh P.
J Biol Chem (2001 Jul 27) 276:28291-9. Abstract/Full Text
Molecular mechanisms of DNA mismatch repair.
Hsieh P.
Mutat Res (2001 Jul 12) 486:71-87. Abstract/Full Text
Disruption of the helix-u-turn-helix motif of MutS protein: loss of subunit dimerization, mismatch binding and ATP hydrolysis.
Biswas I, Obmolova G, Takahashi M, Herr A, Newman MA, Yang W, Hsieh P.
J Mol Biol (2001 Jan 26) 305:805-16. Abstract/Full Text
Composite active site of an ABC ATPase: MutS uses ATP to verify mismatch recognition and authorize DNA repair.
Junop MS, Obmolova G, Rausch K, Hsieh P, Yang W.
Mol Cell (2001 Jan) 7:1-12. Abstract/Full Text
Crystal structures of mismatch repair protein MutS and its complex with a substrate DNA.
Obmolova G, Ban C, Hsieh P, Yang W.
Nature (2000 Oct 12) 407:703-10. Abstract/Full Text
Requirement for Phe36 for DNA binding and mismatch repair by Escherichia coli MutS protein.
Yamamoto A, Schofield MJ, Biswas I, Hsieh P.
Nucleic Acids Res (2000 Sep 15) 28:3564-9. Abstract/Full Text
A cruciform structural transition provides a molecular switch for chromosome structure and dynamics.
Shlyakhtenko LS, Hsieh P, Grigoriev M, Potaman VN, Sinden RR, Lyubchenko YL.
J Mol Biol (2000 Mar 10) 296:1169-73. Abstract/Full Text
Oligomerization of a MutS mismatch repair protein from Thermus aquaticus.
Biswas I, Ban C, Fleming KG, Qin J, Lary JW, Yphantis DA, Yang W, Hsieh P.
J Biol Chem (1999 Aug 13) 274:23673-8. Abstract/Full Text