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Jennie E. Larkin, Ph.D.

Photo of Jennie Larkin
Extramural Policy; Operations; Research Evaluation

Responsibilities & Activities

I serve as the Director of the Office of Research Evaluation and Operations (OREO) within the Division of Extramural Activities (DEA). I provide oversight of the NIDDK’s referral and disease coding/reporting functions, and of the program evaluation and analysis capacity. I also oversee the NIDDK’s Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) publication process. Further, I provide expertise in data management, sharing policies, and implementation, as well as participate in trans-NIH committees in this area.

Key functions the office supports include:

  • Categorical disease/organ system coding/reporting
  • Program analysis support and reporting
  • Application referral
  • NIDDK Advisory Council meetings
  • Publication of NIDDK FOAs in the NIH Guide

Committees & Working Groups

  • NIH Interim Research Products Working Group, Member
  • NIH SDC Digital Scientific Data Policy and Implementation (SDCDPI) Working Group, Member
  • NIH SDCDPI Subgroup on Data Management Plans, Co-chair
  • NIH SDCDPI Subgroup on Monitoring and Enforcing Compliance, Member
  • NIH SDC Sustainability Working Group, Member
  • NIA Alzheimer's Disease Centers Review Panel, Member
  • HHS Secretary's Ventures Fund Board, Member