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Christopher J. Lynch, Ph.D.

Responsibilities & Activities

As director of the Office of Nutrition Research, I am responsible for leadership of nutrition research in NIDDK and collaboratively, across NIH institutes and centers. I participate in strategic planning, portfolio analysis, budget and resource allocation, and assessment of research needs and opportunities that fall within the mission of NIDDK and the NIH. I also develop partnerships outside NIH to further nutrition research goals. These partnerships are aimed at furthering our nutrition research goals and include both other federal agencies (for example, USDA, CDC and FDA) and private industries that fund nutrition research.

As chief of a new Nutrition Research Branch of the NIDDK Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition (DDDN), I lead and coordinate nutrition research and training programs funded by NIDDK. In this role, I directly manage and supervise complex programs in nutrition research, and participate in the development of new funding initiatives. View nutrition related research programs.