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Aaron Pawlyk, Ph.D.

Photo of Dr. Aaron Pawlyk
​Key regulators of intermediary metabolism; drug discovery; pharmacogenetics and precision medicine.

Responsibilities & Activities

I am director of the Diabetes and Endocrine Disease Translational Research program. This portfolio supports a variety of research relevant to the development of therapies for diabetes, endocrine, and metabolic disorders. This includes research on physiological and pathophysiological processes, molecular structures or biological pathways, and the bioavailability of compounds. Studies in this portfolio examine the ability to selectively modulate the function of drug discovery targets and the ability to translate biological endpoints of preclinical research to the clinic.

The Diabetes Genetics and Genomics program supports research on the genetic and epigenetic variations that influence the effectiveness and safety of pharmacotherapy for diabetes and other disorders of interest. The portfolio promotes efforts to build a strong evidence base for personalized medicine and to translate these and other findings into clinical practice.

My other professional activities include participating in several NIDDK working groups—including ones that focus on type 2 diabetes, obesity, and clinical studies, as well as leading the trans-NIDDK Translational Sciences Working Group.

Research Programs

Diabetes Genetics & Genomics
Genetic mechanisms underlying type 1 and type 2 diabetes and how genetic and epigenetic variation influences the metabolism of therapeutics.

Diabetes, Endocrine, & Metabolic Disease Translational Research
Studies that translate scientific findings into practice to enhance human health of those with, or at risk for, metabolic disease.

Committees & Working Groups

  • NIH Common Fund Illuminating the Druggable Genome Working Group, Coordinator
  • NIDDK Type 2 Diabetes Working Group, Member
  • NIH Gerosciences Interest Group, Member
  • NIDDK Obesity Working Group, Member