Kristina Ingeborg Rother, M.D., M.H.Sc.


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

How Non-nutritive Sweeteners Influence Hormones and Health.
Rother KI, Conway EM, Sylvetsky AC.
Trends Endocrinol Metab (2018 Jul) 29:455-467. Abstract/Full Text
Factitious hypoglycemia in children and adolescents with diabetes.
Bauman V, Sturkey AC, Sherafat-Kazemzadeh R, McEwan J, Jones PM, Keating A, Isganaitis E, Ricker A, Rother KI.
Pediatr Diabetes (2018 Jun) 19:823-831. Abstract/Full Text
Canagliflozin triggers the FGF23/1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D/PTH axis in healthy volunteers in a randomized crossover study.
Blau JE, Bauman V, Conway EM, Piaggi P, Walter MF, Wright EC, Bernstein S, Courville AB, Collins MT, Rother KI, Taylor SI.
JCI Insight (2018 Apr 19) 3. Abstract/Full Text
Nonnutritive Sweeteners in Weight Management and Chronic Disease: A Review.
Sylvetsky AC, Rother KI.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2018 Apr) 26:635-640. Abstract/Full Text
Pharmacokinetics of Sucralose and Acesulfame-Potassium in Breast Milk Following Ingestion of Diet Soda.
Rother KI, Sylvetsky AC, Walter PJ, Garraffo HM, Fields DA.
J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr (2018 Mar) 66:466-470. Abstract/Full Text
Low-Calorie Sweeteners: Disturbing the Energy Balance Equation in Adolescents?
Sylvetsky AC, Jin Y, Mathieu K, DiPietro L, Rother KI, Talegawkar SA.
Obesity (Silver Spring) (2017 Dec) 25:2049-2054. Abstract/Full Text
Modifiable Risk Factors for Cardiovascular Disease in Children with Type 1 Diabetes: Can Early Intervention Prevent Future Cardiovascular Events?
Gourgari E, Dabelea D, Rother K.
Curr Diab Rep (2017 Nov 3) 17:134. Abstract/Full Text
Ketoacidosis associated with SGLT2 inhibitor treatment: Analysis of FAERS data.
Blau JE, Tella SH, Taylor SI, Rother KI.
Diabetes Metab Res Rev (2017 Nov) 33. Abstract/Full Text
Exenatide Improves HDL Particle Counts and Size Distribution in Patients With Long-standing Type 1 Diabetes.
Gourgari EA, Mete M, Sampson ML, Harlan DM, Remaley AT, Rother KI.
Diabetes Care (2017 Jul) 40:e88-e89. Abstract/Full Text
Widespread sucralose exposure in a randomized clinical trial in healthy young adults.
Sylvetsky AC, Walter PJ, Garraffo HM, Robien K, Rother KI.
Am J Clin Nutr (2017 Apr) 105:820-823. Abstract/Full Text
Consumption of Low-Calorie Sweeteners among Children and Adults in the United States.
Sylvetsky AC, Jin Y, Clark EJ, Welsh JA, Rother KI, Talegawkar SA.
J Acad Nutr Diet (2017 Mar) 117:441-448.e2. Abstract/Full Text
Plasma concentrations of sucralose in children and adults.
Sylvetsky AC, Bauman V, Blau JE, Garraffo HM, Walter PJ, Rother KI.
Toxicol Environ Chem (2017) 99:535-542. Abstract/Full Text
Development of Sweet Taste Perception: Implications for Artificial Sweetener Use.
Sylvetsky AC, Conway EM, Malhotra S, Rother KI.
Endocr Dev (2017) 32:87-99. Abstract/Full Text
Hormonal responses to non-nutritive sweeteners in water and diet soda.
Sylvetsky AC, Brown RJ, Blau JE, Walter M, Rother KI.
Nutr Metab (Lond) (2016) 13:71. Abstract/Full Text
Understanding the metabolic and health effects of low-calorie sweeteners: methodological considerations and implications for future research.
Sylvetsky AC, Blau JE, Rother KI.
Rev Endocr Metab Disord (2016 Jun) 17:187-94. Abstract/Full Text
Long-term immunosuppression after solitary islet transplantation is associated with preserved C-peptide secretion for more than a decade.
Blau JE, Abegg MR, Flegel WA, Zhao X, Harlan DM, Rother KI.
Am J Transplant (2015 Nov) 15:2995-3001. Abstract/Full Text
Positive association between artificially sweetened beverage consumption and incidence of diabetes.
Sylvetsky Meni AC, Swithers SE, Rother KI.
Diabetologia (2015 Oct) 58:2455-6. Abstract/Full Text
SGLT2 Inhibitors May Predispose to Ketoacidosis.
Taylor SI, Blau JE, Rother KI.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2015 Aug) 100:2849-52. Abstract/Full Text
Possible adverse effects of SGLT2 inhibitors on bone.
Taylor SI, Blau JE, Rother KI.
Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol (2015 Jan) 3:8-10. Abstract/Full Text
Nonnutritive Sweeteners in Breast Milk.
Sylvetsky AC, Gardner AL, Bauman V, Blau JE, Garraffo HM, Walter PJ, Rother KI.
J Toxicol Environ Health A (2015) 78:1029-32. Abstract/Full Text
Hawthorne effect with transient behavioral and biochemical changes in a randomized controlled sleep extension trial of chronically short-sleeping obese adults: implications for the design and interpretation of clinical studies.
Cizza G, Piaggi P, Rother KI, Csako G, Sleep Extension Study Group..
PLoS One (2014) 9:e104176. Abstract/Full Text
Neck circumference is a predictor of metabolic syndrome and obstructive sleep apnea in short-sleeping obese men and women.
Cizza G, de Jonge L, Piaggi P, Mattingly M, Zhao X, Lucassen E, Rother KI, Sumner AE, Csako G, NIDDK Sleep Extension Study..
Metab Syndr Relat Disord (2014 May) 12:231-41. Abstract/Full Text
Challenging recruitment of youth with type 2 diabetes into clinical trials.
Nguyen TT, Jayadeva V, Cizza G, Brown RJ, Nandagopal R, Rodriguez LM, Rother KI.
J Adolesc Health (2014 Mar) 54:247-54. Abstract/Full Text
Exenatide treatment for 6 months improves insulin sensitivity in adults with type 1 diabetes.
Sarkar G, Alattar M, Brown RJ, Quon MJ, Harlan DM, Rother KI.
Diabetes Care (2014) 37:666-70. Abstract/Full Text
What Parents Think about Giving Nonnutritive Sweeteners to Their Children: A Pilot Study.
Sylvetsky AC, Greenberg M, Zhao X, Rother KI.
Int J Pediatr (2014) 2014:819872. Abstract/Full Text
Novel forms of lipodystrophy: why should we care?
Rother KI, Brown RJ.
Diabetes Care (2013 Aug) 36:2142-5. Abstract/Full Text
Obstructive sleep apnea is a predictor of abnormal glucose metabolism in chronically sleep deprived obese adults.
Cizza G, Piaggi P, Lucassen EA, de Jonge L, Walter M, Mattingly MS, Kalish H, Csako G, Rother KI, Sleep Extension Study Group..
PLoS One (2013) 8:e65400. Abstract/Full Text
Evening chronotype is associated with changes in eating behavior, more sleep apnea, and increased stress hormones in short sleeping obese individuals.
Lucassen EA, Zhao X, Rother KI, Mattingly MS, Courville AB, de Jonge L, Csako G, Cizza G, Sleep Extension Study Group..
PLoS One (2013) 8:e56519. Abstract/Full Text
Sucralose, a synthetic organochlorine sweetener: overview of biological issues.
Schiffman SS, Rother KI.
J Toxicol Environ Health B Crit Rev (2013) 16:399-451. Abstract/Full Text
Non-nutritive sweeteners and their role in the gastrointestinal tract.
Brown RJ, Rother KI.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (2012 Aug) 97:2597-605. Abstract/Full Text
Interacting epidemics? Sleep curtailment, insulin resistance, and obesity.
Lucassen EA, Rother KI, Cizza G.
Ann N Y Acad Sci (2012 Aug) 1264:110-34. Abstract/Full Text
The Brain and Obesity Lectures Series--the beginning of a new field?
Cizza G, Rother KI.
Ann N Y Acad Sci (2012 Aug) 1264:vii-xiv. Abstract/Full Text
Effects of diet soda on gut hormones in youths with diabetes.
Brown RJ, Walter M, Rother KI.
Diabetes Care (2012 May) 35:959-64. Abstract/Full Text
Beyond fast food and slow motion: weighty contributors to the obesity epidemic.
Cizza G, Rother KI.
J Endocrinol Invest (2012 Feb) 35:236-42. Abstract/Full Text
Artificial sweetener use among children: epidemiology, recommendations, metabolic outcomes, and future directions.
Sylvetsky A, Rother KI, Brown R.
Pediatr Clin North Am (2011 Dec) 58:1467-80, xi. Abstract/Full Text
Was Feuerbach right: are we what we eat?
Cizza G, Rother KI.
J Clin Invest (2011 Aug) 121:2969-71. Abstract/Full Text
Uncoupling intensive insulin therapy from weight gain and hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes.
Brown RJ, Wijewickrama RC, Harlan DM, Rother KI.
Diabetes Technol Ther (2011 Apr) 13:457-60. Abstract/Full Text
Clinical trials in youth with type 2 diabetes.
Gemmill JA, Brown RJ, Nandagopal R, Rodriguez LM, Rother KI.
Pediatr Diabetes (2011 Feb) 12:50-7. Abstract/Full Text
Effects of exenatide alone and in combination with daclizumab on beta-cell function in long-standing type 1 diabetes.
Rother KI, Spain LM, Wesley RA, Digon BJ 3rd, Baron A, Chen K, Nelson P, Dosch HM, Palmer JP, Brooks-Worrell B, Ring M, Harlan DM.
Diabetes Care (2009 Dec) 32:2251-7. Abstract/Full Text
Effect of ingested interferon-alpha on beta-cell function in children with new-onset type 1 diabetes.
Rother KI, Brown RJ, Morales MM, Wright E, Duan Z, Campbell C, Hardin DS, Popovic J, McEvoy RC, Harlan DM, Orlander PR, Brod SA.
Diabetes Care (2009 Jul) 32:1250-5. Abstract/Full Text
Too much glucagon, too little insulin: time course of pancreatic islet dysfunction in new-onset type 1 diabetes.
Brown RJ, Sinaii N, Rother KI.
Diabetes Care (2008 Jul) 31:1403-4. Abstract/Full Text
Effects of beta-cell rest on beta-cell function: a review of clinical and preclinical data.
Brown RJ, Rother KI.
Pediatr Diabetes (2008 Jun) 9:14-22. Abstract/Full Text
Diabetes treatment--bridging the divide.
Rother KI.
N Engl J Med (2007 Apr 12) 356:1499-501. Abstract/Full Text
A single course of anti-CD3 monoclonal antibody hOKT3gamma1(Ala-Ala) results in improvement in C-peptide responses and clinical parameters for at least 2 years after onset of type 1 diabetes.
Herold KC, Gitelman SE, Masharani U, Hagopian W, Bisikirska B, Donaldson D, Rother K, Diamond B, Harlan DM, Bluestone JA.
Diabetes (2005 Jun) 54:1763-9. Abstract/Full Text
Challenges facing islet transplantation for the treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus.
Rother KI, Harlan DM.
J Clin Invest (2004 Oct) 114:877-83. Abstract/Full Text
Survival after pancreas transplantation in patients with diabetes and preserved kidney function.
Venstrom JM, McBride MA, Rother KI, Hirshberg B, Orchard TJ, Harlan DM.
JAMA (2003 Dec 3) 290:2817-23. Abstract/Full Text
Efficacy and safety of troglitazone in the treatment of lipodystrophy syndromes.
Arioglu E, Duncan-Morin J, Sebring N, Rother KI, Gottlieb N, Lieberman J, Herion D, Kleiner DE, Reynolds J, Premkumar A, Sumner AE, Hoofnagle J, Reitman ML, Taylor SI.
Ann Intern Med (2000 Aug 15) 133:263-74. Abstract/Full Text
Targeted gene mutations define the roles of insulin and IGF-I receptors in mouse embryonic development.
Accili D, Nakae J, Kim JJ, Park BC, Rother KI.
J Pediatr Endocrinol Metab (1999 Jul-Aug) 12:475-85. Abstract/Full Text
Leptin secretion in Cushing's syndrome: preservation of diurnal rhythm and absent response to corticotropin-releasing hormone.
Weise M, Abad V, Considine RV, Nieman L, Rother KI.
J Clin Endocrinol Metab (1999 Jun) 84:2075-9. Abstract/Full Text
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase-dependent membrane association of the Bruton's tyrosine kinase pleckstrin homology domain visualized in single living cells.
Várnai P, Rother KI, Balla T.
J Biol Chem (1999 Apr 16) 274:10983-9. Abstract/Full Text