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Philip Smith, Ph.D.

Responsibilities & Activities

As deputy director of the Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Diseases, I oversee program directors spanning the mission of the Division. I help lead the development of the Division’s research priorities and maintain active involvement in the basic science consortia it supports. I am also responsible for overall administrative management of the Division.

As co-director of the Office of Obesity Research, I am afforded the opportunity to develop and co-manage a coordinated agenda in obesity research funded by the Institute. This portfolio includes a set of initiatives designed to treat and prevent obesity and its co-morbidities.My interests include defining the obesity research portfolio’s long-range goals and developing a set of research priorities in this area. I organize workshops, advisory committee meetings, and conferences with professional societies and patient organizations.

NIDDK, in partnership with a number of pharmaceutical companies, has launched a new program to consolidate human genetic and phenotypic data in individuals with type 2 diabetes into a single knowledge base that will be freely available to the research community. This program, the Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Type 2 Diabetes, facilitated by the Foundation of the NIH, will provide extensive tools to query and visualize this data to validate drug targets and uncover mechanisms underlying development and progression of type 2 diabetes. I co-chair this partnership with Dr. Melissa Thomas of Eli Lilly

In addition to my role within NIDDK, I participate in collaborative activities across NIH, including participation in the NIH Obesity Research Task Force and leadership of 2 programs supported through the NIH Common Fund. The ORTF encourages development of collaborative initiatives and workshops of interest to multiple NIH Institutes. The NIH Common Fund supports activities which addresses key roadblocks in biomedical research that impede basic scientific discovery and its translation into improved human health. I have been involved in a number of Common Fund Programs, and current lead 2 efforts, one to expand capacity and quality of metabolomics research in the United States and one to understand the role of higher order structure in the nucleus in genome function and disease.

Committees & Working Groups

  • Obesity Research Task Force, Member
  • Obesity Research Task Force Leadership Committee, Member
  • Accelerating Medicines Partnership in Type 2 Diabetes Steering Committee, Co-chair
  • NIH 4D Nucleome Program, Co-chair (Common Fund)
  • NIH Metabolomics Program, Co-chair (Common Fund)