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Ronald Margolis

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Tel: 240-593-2640
Email: margolisr@mail.nih.gov

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  • Senior Advisor, Molecular EndocrinologyDivision of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolic Diseases, NIDDK, NIH1993-present
  • Assistant to Associate ProfessorHoward University Cancer Center1980–1989
  • Postdoctoral FellowDepartment of Cell Biology and Anatomy, Department of Medicine, University of Virginia1976–1980
  • Ph.D.Health Sciences Center at Syracuse1976

Ronald N. Margolis, Ph.D.

Project Scientist (Contractor), Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, and Metabolic Diseases

Current Responsibilities & Activities

As program director of the Endocrinology and Hormone Signaling Program, I am responsible for the scientific oversight and management of approximately 100 grants relating to the nuclear hormone receptor superfamily, a unique class of proteins that helps regulate an array of molecular functions, such as homeostasis, reproduction, development, and metabolism, through the interaction and control of gene expression.

Diseases affected by members of the nuclear receptor superfamily include those of the thyroid, lipid, and xenobiotic metabolism; osteoporosis; type 2 diabetes; breast and prostate cancer; and obesity.  I am interested in supporting research that advances control over these major diseases through manipulation of gene expression and transcription factors using drug therapy.  Some research topics covered under my portfolio include signal transduction and regulation of gene expression, structure and function of the steroid hormones, receptor structure, interaction with cytoplasmic chaperones and ligands, nuclear translocation, and mediator proteins.

I also serve as project scientist for the Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas (NURSA) initiative.  The NURSA initiative is a web-accessible bioinformatics resource that provides current and emerging data on nuclear receptor structure, function, and role in disease that is organized into user-mineable forms.

As the NIDDK liaison to the BD2K Executive Committee I an the Co-lead for the Data Discovery Index to develop the means for finding, accessing, interoperating, and re-using biomedical big data (https://commonfund.nih.gov/bd2k/index).

I am the Co-lead for the Common Fund project to "Illuminate the Druggable Genome" designed to accrue and develop information about the unannotated genes within the druggable genome (http://commonfund.nih.gov/idg/index).

Current Committee Memberships

  • NIH Common Fund Big Data Working GroupMember
  • NIH Common Fund Project Team, Illuminating the Druggable GenomeChair
  • NIH Common Fund Project Team,LINCS ConsortiumMember
  • BD2K Executive CommitteeMember
  • NIH Common Fund Project Team and Steering Committee, Molecular Libraries Screening CentersMember
  • BD2K Data Discovery Index Working GroupMember
  • Nuclear Receptor Signaling Atlas Cooperative Agreement ConsortiumProject Scientist
  • Steering Committee, Nuclear Receptor Signaling AtlasMember
  • Federal Working Group on Bone DiseasesMember