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Allen Minton

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Tel: 301-496-3604
Email: allenm@niddk.nih.gov

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  • Chaim Weizmann Junior FellowWeizmann Institute of Science1968–1970
  • Ph.D.University of California, Los Angeles1968
  • B.S.University of California, Los Angeles1964

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    Research Summary/In Plain Language

    Research Summary

    Research Goal

    Our goal is to achieve an understanding of the behavior of biological macromolecules in biological fluids, which are typically much more complex than those in which biochemical experiments are conventionally carried out.

    Current Research

    Our laboratory is engaged in theoretical and experimental studies of how nonspecific solute-solute interactions — both attractive and repulsive — can affect the equilibrium and dynamic properties of individual macromolecular species in solutions containing a high total concentration of macromolecules.  Theoretical studies are based upon statistical-thermodynamic models.  Experimental studies utilize measurements of sedimentation equilibrium, static and dynamic light scattering, circular dichroism, and fluorescence intensity and anisotropy.

    Applying our Research

    Detailed knowledge and understanding of the behavior of biological macromolecules in biological fluids would facilitate the design of more effective biopharmaceuticals.