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Anthony Furano

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Tel: 301-496-6180
Email: anthonyf@helix.nih.gov

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  • ChiefLMCB, NIDDK, NIH2011-Present
  • M.D.Yale University1962

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A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Chen J, Miller BF, Furano AV. Repair of naturally occurring mismatches can induce mutations in flanking DNA. Elife. 2014 Apr 29; 3 (3; 2014 Apr 29):e02001. [Full Text/Abstract]
Callahan KE, Hickman AB, Jones CE, Ghirlando R, Furano AV. Polymerization and nucleic acid-binding properties of human L1 ORF1 protein. Nucleic Acids Res. 2012 Jan; 40 (40; 2; 2012 Jan):813-27. [Full Text/Abstract]
Walser JC, Furano AV. The mutational spectrum of non-CpG DNA varies with CpG content. Genome Res. 2010 Jul; 20 (20; 7; 2010 Jul):875-82. [Full Text/Abstract]
Walser JC, Ponger L, Furano AV. CpG dinucleotides and the mutation rate of non-CpG DNA. Genome Res. 2008 Sep; 18 (9; 2008 Sep; 18):1403-14. [Full Text/Abstract]
Boissinot S, Davis J, Entezam A, Petrov D, Furano AV. Fitness cost of LINE-1 (L1) activity in humans. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2006 Jun 20; 103 (25; 2006 Jun 20; 103):9590-4. [Full Text/Abstract]
Boissinot S, Entezam A, Young L, Munson PJ, Furano AV. The insertional history of an active family of L1 retrotransposons in humans. Genome Res. 2004 Jul; 14 (2004 Jul; 14; 7):1221-31. [Full Text/Abstract]
Furano AV, Duvernell DD, Boissinot S. L1 (LINE-1) retrotransposon diversity differs dramatically between mammals and fish. Trends Genet. 2004 Jan; 20 (20; 2004 Jan; 1):9-14. [Full Text/Abstract]
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