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Astrid Haase

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Tel: 301-451-5125
Email: astrid.haase@nih.gov

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  • Post Doctoral FellowCold Spring Harbor Laboratory2007-2015
  • Graduate StudentFriedrich Miescher Insitute for Biomedical Research2002-2007
  • Ph.D.University of Basel, Switzerland2007
  • M.D.University of Vienna, Austria2002

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Astrid D. Haase, M.D., Ph.D.

Acting Section Chief, RNA Biology SectionLaboratory of Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Chromosome Biology/Epigenetics
  • Developmental Biology
  • Molecular Biology/Biochemistry


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Haase AD. A Small RNA-Based Immune System Defends Germ Cells against Mobile Genetic Elements. Stem Cells Int. 2016; 2016 (2016):7595791. [Full Text/Abstract]
Yang M, Haase AD, Huang FK, Coulis G, Rivera KD, Dickinson BC, Chang CJ, Pappin DJ, Neubert TA, Hannon GJ, Boivin B, Tonks NK. Dephosphorylation of tyrosine 393 in argonaute 2 by protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B regulates gene silencing in oncogenic RAS-induced senescence. Mol Cell. 2014 Sep 4; 55 (2014 Sep 4; 55; 5):782-90. [Full Text/Abstract]
Faehnle CR, Elkayam E, Haase AD, Hannon GJ, Joshua-Tor L. The making of a slicer: activation of human Argonaute-1. Cell Rep. 2013 Jun 27; 3 (2013 Jun 27; 6; 3):1901-9. [Full Text/Abstract]
Ipsaro JJ, Haase AD, Knott SR, Joshua-Tor L, Hannon GJ. The structural biochemistry of Zucchini implicates it as a nuclease in piRNA biogenesis. Nature. 2012 Nov 8; 491 (491; 7423; 2012 Nov 8):279-83. [Full Text/Abstract]
Elkayam E, Kuhn CD, Tocilj A, Haase AD, Greene EM, Hannon GJ, Joshua-Tor L. The structure of human argonaute-2 in complex with miR-20a. Cell. 2012 Jul 6; 150 (150; 2012 Jul 6; 1):100-10. [Full Text/Abstract]
Haase AD, Fenoglio S, Muerdter F, Guzzardo PM, Czech B, Pappin DJ, Chen C, Gordon A, Hannon GJ. Probing the initiation and effector phases of the somatic piRNA pathway in Drosophila. Genes Dev. 2010 Nov 15; 24 (2010 Nov 15; 24; 22):2499-504. [Full Text/Abstract]
Trabucchi M, Briata P, Garcia-Mayoral M, Haase AD, Filipowicz W, Ramos A, Gherzi R, Rosenfeld MG. The RNA-binding protein KSRP promotes the biogenesis of a subset of microRNAs. Nature. 2009 Jun 18; 459 (7249; 2009 Jun 18; 459):1010-4. [Full Text/Abstract]
Haase AD, Jaskiewicz L, Zhang H, Lainé S, Sack R, Gatignol A, Filipowicz W. TRBP, a regulator of cellular PKR and HIV-1 virus expression, interacts with Dicer and functions in RNA silencing. EMBO Rep. 2005 Oct; 6 (6; 2005 Oct; 10):961-7. [Full Text/Abstract]
Vietor I, Vadivelu SK, Wick N, Hoffman R, Cotten M, Seiser C, Fialka I, Wunderlich W, Haase A, Korinkova G, Brosch G, Huber LA. TIS7 interacts with the mammalian SIN3 histone deacetylase complex in epithelial cells. EMBO J. 2002 Sep 2; 21 (17; 21; 2002 Sep 2):4621-31. [Full Text/Abstract]