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Nair AK, Piaggi P, McLean NA, Kaur M, Kobes S, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Hanson RL, Baier LJ. Assessment of established HDL-C loci for association with HDL-C levels and type 2 diabetes in Pima Indians. Diabetologia. 2015 Dec 15; 59 (59; 3; 2015 Dec 15):481-91. [Full Text/Abstract]
Traurig M, Hanson RL, Marinelarena A, Kobes S, Piaggi P, Cole S, Curran JE, Blangero J, Göring H, Kumar S, Nelson RG, Howard BV, Knowler WC, Baier LJ, Bogardus C. Analysis of SLC16A11 Variants in 12,811 American Indians: Genotype-Obesity Interaction for Type 2 Diabetes and an Association With RNASEK Expression. Diabetes. 2015 Oct 20; 65 (2; 2015 Oct 20; 65):510-9. [Full Text/Abstract]
Frankl JA, Thearle MS, Desmarais C, Bogardus C, Krakoff J. T-cell receptor repertoire variation may be associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus in humans. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2015 Sep 26; 32 (32; 2015 Sep 26; 3):297-307. [Full Text/Abstract]
Baier LJ, Muller YL, Remedi MS, Traurig M, Piaggi P, Wiessner G, Huang K, Stacy A, Kobes S, Krakoff J, Bennett PH, Nelson RG, Knowler WC, Hanson RL, Nichols CG, Bogardus C. ABCC8 R1420H Loss-of-Function Variant in a Southwest American Indian Community: Association With Increased Birth Weight and Doubled Risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Diabetes. 2015 Aug 5; 64 (2015 Aug 5; 64; 12):4322-32. [Full Text/Abstract]
Reinhardt M, Thearle MS, Ibrahim M, Hohenadel MG, Bogardus C, Krakoff J, Votruba SB. A Human Thrifty Phenotype Associated With Less Weight Loss During Caloric Restriction. Diabetes. 2015 May 11; 64 (8; 2015 May 11; 64):2859-67. [Full Text/Abstract]
Penesova A, Koska J, Ortega E, Bunt JC, Bogardus C, de Courten B. Salsalate has no effect on insulin secretion but decreases insulin clearance: a randomized, placebo-controlled trial in subjects without diabetes. Diabetes Obes Metab. 2015 Feb 13; 17 (6; 17; 2015 Feb 13):608-12. [Full Text/Abstract]
Chang DC, Piaggi P, Hanson RL, Knowler WC, Bucci J, Thio G, Hohenadel MG, Bogardus C, Krakoff J. Use of a High-Density Protein Microarray to Identify Autoantibodies in Subjects with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and an HLA Background Associated with Reduced Insulin Secretion. PLoS One. 2015 Nov 25; 10 (2015 Nov 25; 10; 11):e0143551. [Full Text/Abstract]
Muller YL, Piaggi P, Hoffman D, Huang K, Gene B, Kobes S, Thearle MS, Knowler WC, Hanson RL, Baier LJ, Bogardus C. Common genetic variation in the glucokinase gene (GCK) is associated with type 2 diabetes and rates of carbohydrate oxidation and energy expenditure. Diabetologia. 2014 Jul; 57 (7; 2014 Jul; 57):1382-90. [Full Text/Abstract]
Del Rosario MC, Ossowski V, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Baier LJ, Hanson RL. Potential epigenetic dysregulation of genes associated with MODY and type 2 diabetes in humans exposed to a diabetic intrauterine environment: An analysis of genome-wide DNA methylation. Metabolism. 2014 May; 63 (2014 May; 63; 5):654-60. [Full Text/Abstract]
Huang K, Nair AK, Muller YL, Piaggi P, Bian L, Del Rosario M, Knowler WC, Kobes S, Hanson RL, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. Whole exome sequencing identifies variation in CYB5A and RNF10 associated with adiposity and type 2 diabetes. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2014 Apr; 22 (4; 2014 Apr; 22):984-8. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hanson RL, Muller YL, Kobes S, Guo T, Bian L, Ossowski V, Wiedrich K, Sutherland J, Wiedrich C, Mahkee D, Huang K, Abdussamad M, Traurig M, Weil EJ, Nelson RG, Bennett PH, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. A genome-wide association study in American Indians implicates DNER as a susceptibility locus for type 2 diabetes. Diabetes. 2014 Jan; 63 (2014 Jan; 63; 1):369-76. [Full Text/Abstract]
Piaggi P, Krakoff J, Bogardus C, Thearle MS. Lower "Awake and Fed Thermogenesis" Predicts Future Weight Gain in Subjects with Abdominal Adiposity. Diabetes. 2013 Dec; 62 (2013 Dec; 12; 62):4043-51. [Full Text/Abstract]
Bian L, Traurig M, Hanson RL, Marinelarena A, Kobes S, Muller YL, Malhotra A, Huang K, Perez J, Gale A, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. MAP2K3 is associated with body mass index in American Indians and Caucasians and may mediate hypothalamic inflammation. Hum Mol Genet. 2013 Nov 1; 22 (2013 Nov 1; 21; 22):4438-49. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hanson RL, Guo T, Muller YL, Fleming J, Knowler WC, Kobes S, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. Strong Parent-of-Origin Effects in the Association of KCNQ1 Variants With Type 2 Diabetes in American Indians. Diabetes. 2013 Aug; 62 (8; 2013 Aug; 62):2984-91. [Full Text/Abstract]
Muller YL, Hanson RL, Knowler WC, Fleming J, Goswami J, Huang K, Traurig M, Sutherland J, Wiedrich C, Wiedrich K, Mahkee D, Ossowski V, Kobes S, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. Identification of genetic variation that determines human trehalase activity and its association with type 2 diabetes. Hum Genet. 2013 Jun; 132 (6; 132; 2013 Jun):697-707. [Full Text/Abstract]
Piaggi P, Thearle MS, Bogardus C, Krakoff J. Lower energy expenditure predicts long-term increases in weight and fat mass. J Clin Endocrinol Metab. 2013 Apr; 98 (98; 4; 2013 Apr):E703-7. [Full Text/Abstract]
Traurig MT, Perez JM, Ma L, Bian L, Kobes S, Hanson RL, Knowler WC, Krakoff JA, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. Variants in the LEPR gene are nominally associated with higher BMI and lower 24-h energy expenditure in Pima Indians. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2012 Dec; 20 (2012 Dec; 20; 12):2426-30. [Full Text/Abstract]
Thearle MS, Muller YL, Hanson RL, Mullins M, Abdussamad M, Tran J, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Krakoff J, Baier LJ. Greater impact of melanocortin-4 receptor deficiency on rates of growth and risk of type 2 diabetes during childhood compared with adulthood in Pima Indians. Diabetes. 2012 Jan; 61 (1; 2012 Jan; 61):250-7. [Full Text/Abstract]
Malhotra A, Kobes S, Knowler WC, Baier LJ, Bogardus C, Hanson RL. A genome-wide association study of BMI in American Indians. Obesity (Silver Spring). 2011 Oct; 19 (19; 2011 Oct; 10):2102-6. [Full Text/Abstract]
Jumpertz R, Le DS, Turnbaugh PJ, Trinidad C, Bogardus C, Gordon JI, Krakoff J. Energy-balance studies reveal associations between gut microbes, caloric load, and nutrient absorption in humans. Am J Clin Nutr. 2011 Jul; 94 (94; 2011 Jul; 1):58-65. [Full Text/Abstract]
Williams RC, Muller YL, Hanson RL, Knowler WC, Mason CC, Bian L, Ossowski V, Wiedrich K, Chen YF, Marcovina S, Hahnke J, Nelson RG, Baier LJ, Bogardus C. HLA-DRB1 reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus by increased insulin secretion. Diabetologia. 2011 Jul; 54 (7; 2011 Jul; 54):1684-92. [Full Text/Abstract]
Mason CC, Hanson RL, Ossowski V, Bian L, Baier LJ, Krakoff J, Bogardus C. Bimodal distribution of RNA expression levels in human skeletal muscle tissue. BMC Genomics. 2011 Feb 7; 12 (2011 Feb 7; 12):98. [Full Text/Abstract]
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Bian L, Hanson RL, Ossowski V, Wiedrich K, Mason CC, Traurig M, Muller YL, Kobes S, Knowler WC, Baier LJ, Bogardus C. Variants in ASK1 are associated with skeletal muscle ASK1 expression, in vivo insulin resistance, and type 2 diabetes in Pima Indians. Diabetes. 2010 May; 59 (2010 May; 59; 5):1276-82. [Full Text/Abstract]
Traurig M, Mack J, Hanson RL, Ghoussaini M, Meyre D, Knowler WC, Kobes S, Froguel P, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. Common variation in SIM1 is reproducibly associated with BMI in Pima Indians. Diabetes. 2009 Jul; 58 (7; 58; 2009 Jul):1682-9. [Full Text/Abstract]
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Stumvoll M, Bogardus C. Glucose allostasis: disrobing common wisdom. Diabetologia. 2009 May; 52 (5; 52; 2009 May):779-80. [Full Text/Abstract]
Rong R, Hanson RL, Ortiz D, Wiedrich C, Kobes S, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. Association analysis of variation in/near FTO, CDKAL1, SLC30A8, HHEX, EXT2, IGF2BP2, LOC387761, and CDKN2B with type 2 diabetes and related quantitative traits in Pima Indians. Diabetes. 2009 Feb; 58 (2009 Feb; 2; 58):478-88. [Full Text/Abstract]
Krakoff J, Ma L, Kobes S, Knowler WC, Hanson RL, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. Lower metabolic rate in individuals heterozygous for either a frameshift or a functional missense MC4R variant. Diabetes. 2008 Dec; 57 (2008 Dec; 12; 57):3267-72. [Full Text/Abstract]
Guo T, Hanson RL, Traurig M, Muller YL, Ma L, Mack J, Kobes S, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Baier LJ. TCF7L2 is not a major susceptibility gene for type 2 diabetes in Pima Indians: analysis of 3,501 individuals. Diabetes. 2007 Dec; 56 (56; 2007 Dec; 12):3082-8. [Full Text/Abstract]
Bunt JC, Krakoff J, Ortega E, Knowler WC, Bogardus C. Acute insulin response is an independent predictor of type 2 diabetes mellitus in individuals with both normal fasting and 2-h plasma glucose concentrations. Diabetes Metab Res Rev. 2007 May; 23 (2007 May; 23; 4):304-10. [Full Text/Abstract]
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Muller YL, Bogardus C, Pedersen O, Baier L. A Gly482Ser missense mutation in the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma coactivator-1 is associated with altered lipid oxidation and early insulin secretion in Pima Indians. Diabetes. 2003 Mar; 52 (2003 Mar; 3; 52):895-8. [Full Text/Abstract]