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Elisabetta Mueller

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Tel: 301-594-6797
Email: elisabetta_mueller@nih.gov

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  • InvestigatorNIDDK, NIH2004–Present
  • Instructor in Cell BiologyHarvard Medical School1998–2004
  • Postdoctoral FellowCell Biology, Harvard Medical School1995–1998
  • LaureaBiology, University of Padova1988
  • Ph.D.Genetics, University of Padova1995

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    Elisabetta Mueller, Ph.D.

    Investigator, Office of the Chief, Genetics of Development and Disease Branch
    • Cell Biology/Cell Signaling
    • Genetics/Genomics
    • Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
    Research Summary/In Plain Language

    Research in Plain Language

    Every cell in the body has the same genetic instructions. During the process called “differentiation” stem cells can turn on specific sets of genes to allow them to become a particular and distinct type of tissue. Scientists are currently trying to understand how the process of cell differentiation is coordinated at the molecular level. Our lab focuses on how fat cells are formed and are specifically interested in defining how stem cells can give rise to fat cells. We study PPARgamma, a key protein discovered in the mid nineties, as a central orchestrator of adipocyte formation, and focus on the identification of novel regulators that turn this factor on or off. The goal of these studies is to ultimately identify the molecular triggers and mechanisms that control fat depots formation and expansion during development and in response to nutritional stimuli.