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Elisabetta Mueller

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Tel: 301-594-6797
Email: elisabetta_mueller@nih.gov

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  • InvestigatorNIDDK, NIH2004–Present
  • Instructor in Cell BiologyHarvard Medical School1998–2004
  • Postdoctoral FellowCell Biology, Harvard Medical School1995–1998
  • LaureaBiology, University of Padova1988
  • Ph.D.Genetics, University of Padova1995

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    Elisabetta Mueller, Ph.D.

    Investigator, Office of the Chief, Genetics of Development and Disease Branch
    • Cell Biology/Cell Signaling
    • Genetics/Genomics
    • Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
    Research Summary/In Plain Language

    Research Summary

    Current Research​

    Our laboratory focuses on the molecular mechanisms controlling mesenchymal cell differentiation, with particular emphasis on the process of adipocyte differentiation.The nuclear receptor PPARgamma serves as a key regulatory factor in promoting fat cell differentiation and its function constitutes an important target for restoring insulin sensitivity in patients with diabetes. To date, the transcriptional regulators responsible for commitment to the fat cell lineage during embryonic development have not been fully characterized. One of our immediate research goals is to identify novel factors that can influence the adipogenic specification process that precede PPARgamma expression. We also are conducting studies designed to define the key transcriptional circuits that are involved in lipid accumulation, glucose utilization, and insulin sensitization in white and brown adipose depots.