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Fred Dyda

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Tel: 301-402-4496
Email: dyda@helix.nih.gov

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  • Ph.D.University of Pittsburgh1992
  • B.S.Eötvös Lóránd University1986

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Frederick Dyda, Ph.D.

Section Chief, Structural Biochemistry SectionLaboratory of Molecular Biology
  • Molecular Biology/Biochemistry
  • Structural Biology


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Hickman AB, Ewis HE, Li X, Knapp JA, Laver T, Doss AL, Tolun G, Steven AC, Grishaev A, Bax A, Atkinson PW, Craig NL, Dyda F. Structural basis of hAT transposon end recognition by Hermes, an octameric DNA transposase from Musca domestica. Cell. 2014 Jul 17; 158 (2014 Jul 17; 2; 158):353-367. [Full Text/Abstract]
Chandler M, de la Cruz F, Dyda F, Hickman AB, Moncalian G, Ton-Hoang B. Breaking and joining single-stranded DNA: the HUH endonuclease superfamily. Nat Rev Microbiol. 2013 Aug; 11 (8; 2013 Aug; 11):525-38. [Full Text/Abstract]
He S, Hickman AB, Dyda F, Johnson NP, Chandler M, Ton-Hoang B. Reconstitution of a functional IS608 single-strand transpososome: role of non-canonical base pairing. Nucleic Acids Res. 2011 Oct; 39 (19; 39; 2011 Oct):8503-12. [Full Text/Abstract]
Chappie JS, Mears JA, Fang S, Leonard M, Schmid SL, Milligan RA, Hinshaw JE, Dyda F. A pseudoatomic model of the dynamin polymer identifies a hydrolysis-dependent powerstroke. Cell. 2011 Sep 30; 147 (147; 2011 Sep 30; 1):209-22. [Full Text/Abstract]
Engel A, Shewmaker F, Edskes HK, Dyda F, Wickner RB. Amyloid of the Candida albicans Ure2p prion domain is infectious and has an in-register parallel β-sheet structure. Biochemistry. 2011 Jul 12; 50 (2011 Jul 12; 50; 27):5971-8. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hickman AB, James JA, Barabas O, Pasternak C, Ton-Hoang B, Chandler M, Sommer S, Dyda F. DNA recognition and the precleavage state during single-stranded DNA transposition in D. radiodurans. EMBO J. 2010 Nov 17; 29 (2010 Nov 17; 29; 22):3840-52. [Full Text/Abstract]
Ton-Hoang B, Pasternak C, Siguier P, Guynet C, Hickman AB, Dyda F, Sommer S, Chandler M. Single-stranded DNA transposition is coupled to host replication. Cell. 2010 Aug 6; 142 (2010 Aug 6; 3; 142):398-408. [Full Text/Abstract]
Chappie JS, Acharya S, Leonard M, Schmid SL, Dyda F. G domain dimerization controls dynamin's assembly-stimulated GTPase activity. Nature. 2010 May 27; 465 (2010 May 27; 465; 7297):435-40. [Full Text/Abstract]
Hickman AB, Chandler M, Dyda F. Integrating prokaryotes and eukaryotes: DNA transposases in light of structure. Crit Rev Biochem Mol Biol. 2010 Feb; 45 (2010 Feb; 45; 1):50-69. [Full Text/Abstract]
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Guynet C, Achard A, Hoang BT, Barabas O, Hickman AB, Dyda F, Chandler M. Resetting the site: redirecting integration of an insertion sequence in a predictable way. Mol Cell. 2009 Jun 12; 34 (2009 Jun 12; 5; 34):612-9. [Full Text/Abstract]
Wickner RB, Dyda F, Tycko R. Amyloid of Rnq1p, the basis of the [PIN+] prion, has a parallel in-register beta-sheet structure. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2008 Feb 19; 105 (105; 2008 Feb 19; 7):2403-8. [Full Text/Abstract]
Guynet C, Hickman AB, Barabas O, Dyda F, Chandler M, Ton-Hoang B. In vitro reconstitution of a single-stranded transposition mechanism of IS608. Mol Cell. 2008 Feb 15; 29 (2008 Feb 15; 3; 29):302-12. [Full Text/Abstract]
Obsilova V, Nedbalkova E, Silhan J, Boura E, Herman P, Vecer J, Sulc M, Teisinger J, Dyda F, Obsil T. The 14-3-3 protein affects the conformation of the regulatory domain of human tyrosine hydroxylase. Biochemistry. 2008 Feb 12; 47 (6; 2008 Feb 12; 47):1768-77. [Full Text/Abstract]
Barabas O, Ronning DR, Guynet C, Hickman AB, Ton-Hoang B, Chandler M, Dyda F. Mechanism of IS200/IS605 family DNA transposases: activation and transposon-directed target site selection. Cell. 2008 Jan 25; 132 (2; 132; 2008 Jan 25):208-20. [Full Text/Abstract]