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Jake Liang

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Tel: 301-496-1721
Email: jakel@mail.nih.gov

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  • M.D.Harvard Medical School1984
  • B.A.Harvard College1980

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iPSC-derived human hepatocytesHuman hepatocytes, generated from induced pluripotent stem cells derived from a patient, produce and exhibit hepatocyte-specific proteins (albumin) and functions (lipid and glycogen storage, organic anion transport). This regenerative medicine technology can be a valuable strategy for cell-based therapy of liver diseases.iPSC-derived human hepatocytesEnlarge
Induction of steatosis by HCVHCV infection of human hepatocyte-derived cells induces a lipogenic program that results in massive accumulation of lipid droplets (green and yellow structures). This is known as steatosis and is essential for HCV propagation.Induction of steatosis by HCVEnlarge
3-D structure of HCVThe three-dimensional structure of HCV is visualized and simulated by using electron cryomicroscopy of recombinant HCV-like viral particles.3-D structure of HCVEnlarge