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Tel: 602-200-5300

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  • Senior Clinical Research FellowPhoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch, Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research Section, NIDDK, NIH2007-2011
  • Endocrinology FellowColumbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital2004-2007
  • ResidentColumbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital2000-2003
  • M.D.Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons2000

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Marie Thearle, M.D.

  • Clinical Research
  • Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

Graham AL, Gluck ME, Votruba SB, Krakoff J, Thearle MS. Perseveration augments the effects of cognitive restraint on ad libitum food intake in adults seeking weight loss. Appetite. 2014 Jul 15; 82 (2014 Jul 15; 82):78-84. [Full Text/Abstract]
Muller YL, Piaggi P, Hoffman D, Huang K, Gene B, Kobes S, Thearle MS, Knowler WC, Hanson RL, Baier LJ, Bogardus C. Common genetic variation in the glucokinase gene (GCK) is associated with type 2 diabetes and rates of carbohydrate oxidation and energy expenditure. Diabetologia. 2014 Jul; 57 (7; 2014 Jul; 57):1382-90. [Full Text/Abstract]
Bundrick SC, Thearle MS, Venti CA, Krakoff J, Votruba SB. Soda consumption during ad libitum food intake predicts weight change. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2014 Mar; 114 (2014 Mar; 114; 3):444-9. [Full Text/Abstract]
Thearle MS, Muller YL, Hanson RL, Mullins M, Abdussamad M, Tran J, Knowler WC, Bogardus C, Krakoff J, Baier LJ. Greater impact of melanocortin-4 receptor deficiency on rates of growth and risk of type 2 diabetes during childhood compared with adulthood in Pima Indians. Diabetes. 2012 Jan; 61 (1; 2012 Jan; 61):250-7. [Full Text/Abstract]
Jumpertz R, Thearle MS, Bunt JC, Krakoff J. Assessment of non-insulin-mediated glucose uptake: association with body fat and glycemic status. Metabolism. 2010 Oct; 59 (2010 Oct; 59; 10):1396-401. [Full Text/Abstract]
Thearle MS, Bunt JC, Knowler WC, Krakoff J. Childhood predictors of adult acute insulin response and insulin action. Diabetes Care. 2009 May; 32 (32; 5; 2009 May):938-43. [Full Text/Abstract]