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Tel: 602-200-5300

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  • Senior Clinical Research FellowPhoenix Epidemiology and Clinical Research Branch, Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research Section, NIDDK, NIH2007-2011
  • Endocrinology FellowColumbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital2004-2007
  • ResidentColumbia University Medical Center, New York Presbyterian Hospital2000-2003
  • M.D.Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons2000

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Marie Thearle, M.D.

  • Clinical Research
  • Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus
Research Summary/In Plain Language

Research Summary

Research Goal

The ultimate goal of our group is to find new ways to prevent weight gain, help overweight people lose weight more easily, and prevent the consequences of excess adiposity.

Current Research

Our group is interested in understanding determinants of the energy balance equation and the role these play in contributing to weight change.  I am particularly interested in understanding how the human body responds to and compensates for perturbations in energy balance.  I am the principal investigator on two ongoing studies.  The first explores the role of macronutrients on 24-hour energy expenditure during overfeeding and the relationship between energy expenditure changes that occur with overfeeding and future weight change.  This study also investigates physiologic and hormonal mechanisms that may contribute to the energy expenditure response to overfeeding.  The second study investigates the underlying mechanism of exenatide-induced weight loss in obese individuals without diabetes and is designed to determine predictors of weight loss during voluntary weight loss attempts.​

Applying our Research

Our studies will increase understanding of the physiologic mechanisms that lead to weight gain and will eventually lead to methods of preventing weight gain in susceptible individuals.  In addition, our studies will help develop new understandings that can assist individuals who would benefit from losing weight.

Need for Further Study

The medical community has yet to find a way to curb the rising prevalence of obesity and the comorbidities associated with excess adiposity.  Continued research into mechanisms of human weight gain and weight loss are needed before we will be able to develop medical and behavioral treatment options that lead to sustained weight loss.