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Tel: 301-451-6990
Email: waldmanm@mail.nih.gov

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  • Staff ClinicianNIDDK, NIH2006-present
  • Clinical InstructorGlomerular Disease Institute2005-2006
  • Nephrology FellowHospital of the Univeristy of Pennsylvania2001-2005
  • ResidencyBaystate Medical Center1997-2001
  • M.D.Tufts University School of Medicine1997

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Meryl A. Waldman, M.D.

Associate Research Physician, Kidney Disease SectionKidney Diseases Branch
  • Immune Mediated Glomerular Disease


A selection of recent and significant publications can be viewed below.

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Tseng J, Citrin DE, Waldman M, White DE, Rosenberg SA, Yang JC. Thrombotic microangiopathy in metastatic melanoma patients treated with adoptive cell therapy and total body irradiation. Cancer. 2014 May 1; 120 (2014 May 1; 120; 9):1426-32. [Full Text/Abstract]
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Gandhi AK, Mendy D, Waldman M, Chen G, Rychak E, Miller K, Gaidarova S, Ren Y, Wang M, Breider M, Carmel G, Mahmoudi A, Jackson P, Abbasian M, Cathers BE, Schafer PH, Daniel TO, Lopez-Girona A, Thakurta A, Chopra R. Measuring cereblon as a biomarker of response or resistance to lenalidomide and pomalidomide requires use of standardized reagents and understanding of gene complexity. Br J Haematol. 2014 Jan; 164 (164; 2; 2014 Jan):233-44. [Full Text/Abstract]
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