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Orna Cohen-Fix

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Tel: 301-594-2184
Email: ornacf@helix.nih.gov

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  • Adjunct ProfessorJohns Hopkins University2011–Present
  • Directorthe NIH/Johns Hopkins University Graduate Partnership Program, NIH2008–present
  • Senior Investigator and Section ChiefNIDDK, NIH2005–Present
  • Tenure-Track InvestigatorNIDDK, NIH1998–2005
  • Postdoctoral FellowThe Carnegie Institution of Washington1994–1998
  • Ph.D.Weizmann Institute of Science1994
  • M.S.Weizmann Institute of Science1989
  • B.A.Tel-Aviv University1986

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    Research Summary/In Plain Language

    Research in Plain Language

    The main research focus of my lab is the relationship between nuclear structure and nuclear function. Altered nuclear shape is observed in certain types of diseases, such as cancer and during aging. However, the relationship between changes to nuclear morphology and either disease state or aging is unknown. We use budding yeast and C. elegans, two very powerful genetic systems, to identify genes that, when mutated, lead to abnormal nuclear shape.

    We currently are looking at a large number of genes that affect nuclear structure, and these fall into many functional categories, some of which are quite surprising, such as RNA processing, ribosome biogenesis, and protein transport. The next step is to understand how these genes affect nuclear shape and to determine whether nuclear processes, such as transcription, DNA replication, and DNA repair, are affected by the alteration to nuclear shape.