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Peter Walter

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Tel: 301-443-7307
Email: walterpj@mail.nih.gov

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  • Staff ScientistNIDDK, NIH2008-present
  • Principal Research ScientistU.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention2005-2008
  • Ph.D.Duquesne University1996
  • M.S.Virginia Tech1987

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    Peter Walter, Ph.D.

    Director, Clinical Mass Spectometry Core
    • Chemistry/Chemical Biology
    Research Summary/In Plain Language

    Research Summary

    Research Goal

    The purpose of my research is to work in a collaborative environment with clinicians and researchers to foster biological research by chemical analysis of small molecules through the application of mass spectrometry.​

    Current Research

    I joined NIDDK to establish the new Clinical Mass Spectrometry Core (CMSC).  The CMSC’s mission is to support all stable isotope applications in NIDDK’s clinical labs and to advise, develop, and validate novel stable isotope-labeled research assays in collaboration with ongoing clinical research projects.  Our primary emphasis is on the clinical measurement of total energy expenditure (TEE) by doubly labeled water (DLW).  TEE is the total energy a person or animal uses in a day for rest and daily activities.  TEE is an important calculation used in determining a person’s or animal’s dietary and exercise needs.  It has been used extensively in obesity research.

    The core’s secondary emphasis is the measurement of metabolic parameters, for example, using stable isotopes tracers and non-labeled metabolic tracers.  The core’s tertiary emphasis is quantitative measurement of various metabolic componds through gas chromatography–mass spectrometry and liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry.

    Applying our Research

    Measuring metabolic functions through the use of labeled an non-labeled compounds allows investigators to assess the efficacy of treatments.