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Phillip Gorden

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Tel: 301-402-7340
Email: gordenp@extra.niddk.nih.gov

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  • M.D.Vanderbilt University School of Medicine1961
  • B.A.Vanderbilt University1957

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    Phillip Gorden, M.D., Director Emeritus

    Section Chief, Clinical and Cellular Biology SectionDiabetes, Endocrinology, and Obesity Branch
    • Clinical Research
    Research Summary/In Plain Language

    Research in Plain Language

    We study two main patient populations. First are patients with extreme forms of insulin resistance. Included are patients with

    • mutations— permanent changes—in an insulin receptor, which is an area on the outer part of a cell that binds to insulin;
    • autoantibodies—antibodies directed to one’s self—to the insulin receptors; and
    • other related problems.

    Second are patients with lipoatrophy, which is loss of fatty tissues in parts of the body. With this patient population, we study

    • genetics;
    • lipotoxicity, when fat gathers in body organs and causes damage;
    • insulin resistance, a condition in which the body produces insulin but does not use it the right way; and
    • other related problems.
    We also conduct research on
    • organic hypoglycemia, which are low blood sugar levels caused by liver diseases;
    • diagnosis and treatment of insulinomas, which are tumors of the pancreas that can be cancerous or noncancerous; and
    • tumors of the pituitary gland, which make growth hormone.