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Susan Buchanan

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Tel: 301-594-9222
Email: susan.buchanan2@nih.gov

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  • Ph.D.Frankfurt University1990
  • M.S.Princeton University1986
  • B.S.Furman University1983

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Molecular Dynamics for TbpA
Mechanism for Iron Import by Neisseria Movie A
Neisserial Iron Import ComplexNeisseria survive in the human host by utilizing surface receptors to pirate iron from human iron binding proteins. Based on our studies, we were able to describe what the Neisserial import complex looks like at the surface of the pathogen. Shown here is the iron transporter TbpA (purple, red glow indicates iron passage), the co-receptor TbpB (purple, top), the human iron binding protein transferrin (orange), periplasmic proteins FbpA (dark green), and TonB (light green).Neisserial Iron Import ComplexEnlarge
Mechanism for Iron Import by Neisseria Movie B