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Diabetes in America, 2nd Edition

(January 1,995)

Preface of Diabetes in America 2nd Edition

Diabetes in America, 2nd Edition, is a compilation and assessment of epidemiologic, public health, and clinical data on diabetes and its complications in the United States. It was published by the National Diabetes Data Group of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, National Institutes of Health in 1995. The book contains 36 chapters organized in five areas: 

  • the descriptive epidemiology of diabetes in the United States based on national surveys and community-based studies, including prevalence, incidence, sociodemographic and metabolic characteristics, risk factors for developing diabetes, and mortality
  • the myriad complications that affect patients with diabetes
  • characteristics of therapy and medical care for diabetes
  • economic aspects, including health insurance and health care costs
  • diabetes in special populations, including African Americans, Hispanics, Asian and Pacific Islanders, American Indians and Alaska Natives, and pregnant women.

A new report, Diabetes in America, 3rd Edition, is also available.


The report is available:

  • electronically using the PDF(s) linked below. Documents in PDF format require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader application for viewing.


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Preface (PDF, 0.01 MB)
Chapter 1: Summary (PDF, 0.08 MB)
         Maureen I. Harris
         (PDF, 0.19 MB)
         Maureen I. Harris
         (PDF, 0.18 MB)
         Ronald E. LaPorte, Masato Matsushima, and Yue-Fang Chang
         (PDF, 0.20 MB)
         Susan J. Kenny, Ronald E. Aubert, and Linda S. Geis
         (PDF, 0.15 MB)
         Om P. Ganda
         (PDF, 0.22 MB)
         Catherine C. Cowie and Mark S. Eberhardt
         (PDF, 0.34 MB)
         Catherine C. Cowie and Maureen I. Harris
         Janice S. Dorman, Bridget J. McCarthy, Leslie A. O´Leary, and Anita N. Koehler
         Marian Rewers and Richard F. Hamman
         Enrico Portuese and Trevor Orchard
         Linda S. Geiss, William H. Herman, and Philip J. Smith
         Thomas J. Songer
         Howard Fishbein and P.J. Palumbo
         Ronald Klein and Barbara E.K. Klein
         Richard C. Eastman
         Robert G. Nelson, William C. Knowler, David J. Pettitt, and Peter H. Bennett
         P.J. Palumbo and L. Joseph Melton III​
         (PDF, 0.19 MB)
         Gayle E. Reiber, Edward J. Boyko, and Douglas G. Smith​
Chapter 19: Heart Disease and Diabetes (PDF, 0.16 MB)
         Deborah L. Wingard and Elizabeth Barrett-Connor
         Lewis H. Kuller
         James E. Everhart
         Edward J. Boyko and Benjamin A. Lipsky
         Harald Löe and Robert J. Genco
         (PDF, 0.08 MB)
         Patrick J. Lustman and Jeffrey A. Gavard
         Brian J. Fertig, David A. Simmons, and Donald B. Martin
         Gail R. Janes
         (PDF, 0.15 MB)
          Ronald E. Aubert, Linda S. Geiss, David J. Ballard, Beth Cocanougher, and         
          William H. Herman
         Jennifer A. Mayfield, Partha Deb, and D.E.B. Potter
         Maureen I. Harris
         Jonathan C. Javitt and Yen-Pin Chiang
         Eugene S. Tull and Jeffrey M. Roseman
         Michael P. Stern and Braxton D. Mitchell
         Wilfred Y. Fujimoto
         (PDF, 0.18 MB)
         Dorothy Gohdes
         Donald R. Coustan
         Thomas A. Buchanan​
Index (PDF, 0.29 MB)