NDEP Executive Committee & Groups

NDEP’s Executive Committee guides all NDEP activities with input from NDEP staff at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), stakeholder groups, and task groups. Partners join stakeholder and task groups to address key issues or the needs of high-risk and other priority populations.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is a standing committee that guides all NDEP activities, with input from NDEP staff at the NIH and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, stakeholder groups, and task groups. The Executive Committee includes NDEP staff at NIH and CDC, a volunteer chair, a chair-elect, and the immediate past chair. Volunteer chairs are appointed by NDEP staff at the NIH and CDC and serve two-year terms.

Executive Committee activities include:

  • Setting NDEP's 5-year strategic plan, yearly action plans, and program priorities.
  • Communicating with and seeking input and recommendations from stakeholder and task groups on priorities related to NDEP's strategic plan and yearly action plans.
  • Reviewing, guiding, and allocating resources (human and fiscal) for all NDEP activities.
  • Appointing members and leaders of all task groups.
  • Representing NDEP in discussions with partner organizations and at major scientific meetings.

Stakeholder Groups

Stakeholder groups provide input on NDEP’s activities. They include representatives of organizations and individuals who share mutual interests and goals with NDEP and have capacity to identify and address the needs of high-risk and other priority populations. Any organization or individual can join a stakeholder group. Groups are led by NDEP staff at NIDDK or CDC.

Stakeholder group activities may include:

  • Working with NDEP, with each other, and with other stakeholder groups to ensure that the needs and priorities of high-risk populations and/or major stakeholder groups are addressed in NDEP's plans and initiatives.
  • Sharing information and providing input on an ongoing basis to the Executive Committee and relevant task groups to ensure that NDEP messages, materials, and initiatives are audience-appropriate and culturally-sensitive.
  • Collaborating with NDEP to ensure greater reach to high-risk and other priority populations.
  • Reviewing proposed strategies, messages, materials, and tools in development by NDEP staff and task groups.
  • Recommending nominees for participation on task groups.
  • Serving on relevant task groups.
  • Assisting NDEP in identifying and engaging new partners to ensure a wide diversity of traditional and non-traditional partners.

Below is a list of current stakeholder groups and contacts.

Task Groups

Task groups are small, temporary groups that provide input on a specific NDEP activity. As task groups complete their charge, they are dissolved, and members are encouraged to stay in NDEP partnerships.

When a new task group is formed, NDEP staff will reach out to its partners to solicit nominations based on criteria established for the activity. Partners are encouraged to self-nominate or nominate other individuals.

Task group members are appointed by the NDEP Executive Committee. They are led by a volunteer chair and report to the Executive Committee.

Previous task groups have focused on activities such as Diabetes HealthSense and Practice Transformation.