Approaches to Affect Specific Outcomes

Objective of Section

To provide health care practices with tools to assist in modifying specific clinical outcomes.


When beginning the journey of transformation and quality improvement, it may be beneficial for health care professionals to see what others have done to improve outcomes and identify approaches that have been successful in other settings. It is important to note, however, that while the literature is full of examples of tools and tactics that may have been successful in other organizations, each organization is unique in its attributes, structures, and culture. Leaders of health care practices must look for potential solutions and approaches and be very careful during the implementation phase at their own practices. The methodologies detailed in the Techniques for Improving the Quality of Care section on this website—such as testing small changes by using PDSA cycles—can help practice leaders apply and alter tools and approaches in a way that will best lead to success in their own, unique settings. Included in this section are resources, studies, stories, tools, and approaches of how others have tried to improve specific outcomes in question.